Zendaya Shows Off 100 Years of Trendy Styles

trendy styles

In the last hundred years, fashion has come a long way. Old trends have cycled through the decades, and new trends have pushed the boundaries. Every few years new trendy styles take the world by storm. 

Vogue has been one of the primary trendsetters in terms of fashion over the years. They recently released a video with Zendaya to give viewers an inside look into how much beauty standards have changed in the last century. 

Which decade is your favorite?

The 1920s-

The flapper look is an iconic staple of the twenties style. Fun fringe, dropped waistlines, bobbed haircuts, and heavy eye makeup all give this iconic look a dash of extra flair that reflects the revolutionary time it’s from. 

The 1950s-

Zendaya’s Dior-style dress gave viewers the elegance that graced 50’s fashion. Dresses always sought to compliment the hourglass female figure, and high-end accessories elevated the look even more. 

The 1960s-

This fashion isn’t for the faint of heart. The ’60s were all about personal expression, giving unconventional silhouettes and styling a perfect space to debut. Combined with an iconic twiggy lash look, Zendaya nailed the heart of this decade.

The 1980s-

The 80s gives a whole new definition to the phrase “big hair don’t care.” Women paired this daring look with an animal print top and acid wash jeans that captured the most popular style choices of this decade. 

The 1990s-

At the height of hip-hop, 90s fashion reflected the most beloved celebrities of the time. Flashy prints and bold shapes became all the rage in fashion, and braids became a coveted hairstyle. 

The 2000s-

Graphic tees and low-waisted bottoms are essentials for 2000s fashion. In addition to sunglasses as big as the oversized hoops she was wearing, Zendaya rocked the trends that characterized this new millennium.

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