A Mini Story – How a little girl saved two ponies

During Covid, a family of five, including a mother, father, two daughters, and son, moved to a new place in rural Kentucky. They really wanted a different type of pet. So, they contacted a local horse trainer asking about a pony. She didn’t have anything for sale, nor did she know of anything. 

That evening a trailer pulled into the trainer’s farm with 15 miniature ponies on board. She called the family to come and see these ponies because she will have to sell them immediately. 

The family arrived, and their youngest little girl went into a cramped trailer. She pushed herself against the rough coats that had mud and debris on them. She got to a pony that was so scared of her that it did not want anything to do with her. The pony also happened to be pregnant. 

The little girl tried and tried to grab this mother pony but couldn’t. She asked for help, and the local trainer was shocked that there was a mini pony in the trailer which was also pregnant. These ponies arrived after a 12-hour travel day from a dealer selling these ponies to slaughter. 

The scared pregnant pony didn’t trust people and ran from the approaching child. After slowly adding a halter, she led the pony out to her family. The sad pony had kind eyes that they couldn’t resist, and they took the pony home. 

The story didn’t end there. The mother pony gave birth one month later on the little girl’s birthday, and the girl named this pony Grace. Over the following months, the little girl worked with both ponies. They practiced trust exercises, teaching them both that humans are not evil. 

The mother pony and her baby have now been enjoying life on the family’s farm. The daughter still plays and works with both ponies weekly. This family saved these sweet ponies from slaughter and gave them the life they deserved.