50 Things You Own That Can Weigh You Down

50 Things You Own That Can Weigh You Down

There will very likely be a point in your life where you feel as though you need to have certain things. You might be obsessed with CDs, certain clothing items, books, or any of a myriad of other things that pile up quickly and junk up your house. But do you really need all of these things as you continue down life’s path — or is the clutter taking up space, creating anxiety, and weighing you down?

Quick Read:
It happens to the best of us. We buy things we think we want or need and then let them sit on shelves or in closets for an eternity. Sometimes we start out with the best of intentions, using things for a while and then losing interest. Decluttering can be a source of anxiety for many, especially those who hold onto the fear that they might need something again in the future. The reality is that decluttering and getting rid of some of the extra junk you own can actually be very freeing. Do you need to get rid of any of the things on this list?

It’s Time to Declutter, Free Your Mind, and Stop Feeling Weighed Down.

  1. Candles (stop collecting them, start burning them)
  2. Books of no value (keep the ones you love, pass on the ones you don’t need)
  3. Old letters and cards (unless truly sentimental)
  4. Photo albums (it’s time to go digital, anyway)
  5. Puzzles and games with missing pieces
  6. Old, expired medications
  7. Appliance manuals you haven’t touched in ages
  8. Worn-out shoes (trash them)
  9. Shoes you don’t like (donate them)
  10. Old coats and jackets
  11. Old t-shirts and blouses
  12. Any clothing you haven’t worn in a full year
  13. Clothing that is stained or damaged (trash it)
  14. Purses you haven’t used in ages
  15. Duplicate cooking utensils
  16. Sauce packets from fast-food restaurants
  17. Expired condiments from the fridge
  18. Old, crusty spice bottles. YUCK!
  19. Old calendars and planners you no longer need
  20. Extra straws and plastic utensils from restaurants
  21. Phone books. They’re just paperweights!
  22. Sad, single socks (the match isn’t coming back)
  23. Any single item that was part of a pair (earrings, gloves, shoes,
  24. Weird gifts you’ll never use (donate them)
  25. Broken jewelry (if you haven’t fixed it by now, you aren’t going to)
  26. Old glasses (keep one recent pair as a spare)
  27. Artwork from your kids (keep a couple of pieces per year)
  28. Perfumes and colognes you don’t use
  29. Receipts (scan them electronically if they’re needed)
  30. Old candy (if you can’t remember where it came from, don’t eat it)
  31. Old, expired coupons
  32. Coupons for things you don’t use (you’ll never use them).
  33. Old save-the-date cards and trinkets
  34. Old party favors. Let’s be honest, do they really bring you joy?
  35. Aged bank statements (ask your accountant what to save)
  36. Business cards (scan them or take photos for your phone)
  37. Anything an ex has ever given you
  38. Planners and calendars from years past
  39. Gift cards (stop hoarding – treat yourself)
  40. Old cosmetics and skin care products
  41. Towels you no longer use
  42. Old magazines and newspapers (they’re not collectibles)
  43. Pet toys no longer in use
  44. Kid toys no longer in use
  45. Broken electronics (face it, you’re not fixing them)
  46. Old take-out menus (save the ones you use, ditch the rest)
  47. Freebies from vendor shows (you’ll still be a fan, we promise)
  48. Old prom/dance dresses or suits
  49. Spare coffee mugs with no sentimental value
  50. Old product catalogs

It may seem silly, but clearing out some of the old clutter in your life can go a long way when it comes to clearing your mind and gaining new focus. Don’t rush to clean out your entire house at one time. Start with a single surface or drawer and take it a step at a time. You’ll feel more peaceful and balanced and may even find your surroundings feel spacious, lighter, and more positive.