What Can You Do With a GED Diploma?

For a variety of reasons, some students simply don’t manage to finish high school on time — or sometimes, at all. Many face insurmountable issues they simply have no control over, such as health, family, or financial strain. A GED can help pave the way to a better future filled with incredible career path options that lead to these opportunities.

Attend Vocational School

Acquiring your GED diploma is often enough to get accepted into vocational-technical training programs. These shorter courses can help you become work-ready at a skilled job without needing to spend four years securing a college degree. 

In under a year, you could become a certified: 

  • HVAC technician
  • Medical assistant
  • Machining technician
  • Plumber
  • Electrician

Once enrolled, you’ll instantly begin learning the right skills to jump into the workforce right in class.  You might even gain access to work-study programs that help you start earning a great income from day one.  

Apply for College

Colleges will sometimes admit mature students without a high school diploma, especially if they have real-life work experience. But holding a GED may help convince them of your overall worth as a student. Not only does it show you have the right knowledge to handle the coursework, but it also proves you’re willing to take the initiative and steps to make your dreams come true.  

Land the Career of Your Dreams

Studying hard and earning your GED diploma is a huge milestone, especially if life forced you to put off your dreams in the past. This simple piece of paper can become a starting point that helps you further your education and become the best version of yourself possible. It also opens up so many opportunities for a better future. 

Make More Money

There are entry-level jobs out there you can apply for, and work in, without ever needing a college degree. Employers might even let you work your way up into a managerial position, where you will eventually make a little bit more money for your skills. 

The unfortunate truth is that the process can take years. Even if you do work your way up, the fact that you never graduated high school could make you less valuable in the eyes of employers. Studies also show that those without any degree at all (be it GED or official high school diploma) often make up to $10,000 less per year than those without.

Whether you’re considering a GED now, or you already have one, be proud of yourself for taking steps to consider your future. There’s a whole world of opportunity waiting for you out there — all you have to do is take baby steps towards it. Getting your GED is a fantastic way to start that fun and exciting journey.