Everything You Need To Know For DIY Air-Dry Clay Projects

DIY Air-Dry Clay

Buying gifts for a birthday or Christmas can sometimes become unoriginal. Do you ever have the urge to create something from scratch but don’t know how to do it well? Sometimes making gifts for people can be a hassle, especially if we do not have one specific craft we excel at. Luckily, there are a couple of different ways to make gifts that are beautiful, functional, and 100% made by you! DIY clay projects are a breeze with air-dry clay.

Air-dry clay is one of the coolest ways to make an at-home art project look professional and expensive. You can make anything from earrings to planters to wall decorations! It is easy, efficient, and elegant looking for any home style. This makes it great for a gift or to just keep for yourself. Plus, when your guests ask where you got your adorable knick-knacks from, you get to say it was your own design!  


To create these projects in a way that isn’t sloppy or unprofessional, you might need to use some of these tools:

  • A rolling pin or cylindrical object such as a soda can will help you smooth out any bumps or uneven surfaces on your clay.
  • A small precision knife will allow you to cut out shapes that give your work of art a look of true professionalism.
  • Wax paper is an essential element to achieving that clean finish for your project.
  • If you really want to get into this art form, you can purchase a clay kit that comes with tools designed specifically for clay projects. 

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this video can help you with techniques such as making slip, slabbing, coiling and pinching clay. Making these designs can be time-consuming and challenging, but having the right tools makes a world of difference! When it comes to air-dried clay, you have an unlimited amount of potential for possible projects for you and your loved ones.

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