5 Harsh Truths About Getting Paid for Your Passions

5 Harsh Truths About Getting Paid for Your Passions

Getting paid to do what you love seems like a dream. It sounds like a good idea, a sort of “if you build it they will come” moment — but simply doing what you love won’t necessarily pay the bills. Though it can. The thing is that getting paid for your passion gives you more than just money — so the other tricky parts get forgotten sometimes.

Sometimes Payoff Takes Longer Than Anticipated

If you’re working on a passion project, it’s probably not going to be for immediate gratification. So persistence is necessary. Before stopping too soon, it’s important to review where you are. Many people hope for overnight success, but that isn’t usually feasible even in the best of cases. Make a plan to fully commit yourself to your passion for a certain amount of time, and then give it your all before you reassess the situation.

Certain Passions Are Better Off as Volunteer Work or Hobbies

Consider what your current passion or business is, and if other people are as interested as you are. If you have a passion for building birdhouses, for example, but haven’t yet perfected your craft, they might not be something people are willing to spend money on. Consider keeping your passion relaxed and fun as a hobby or find a volunteer position that allows you to use your talents so you can continue to do what you love and help others without putting the pressure of money on it.

An Oversaturated Market Makes It Difficult to Get Noticed

If you haven’t already, review the market and find how many other people are providing the same service as you. Some areas have oversaturation, making it difficult to get noticed with the competition. If there are too many other individuals or companies offering the same services as you, and you’re noticing few customers or no return, this can be a sign that you’ll have greater success if you direct your efforts elsewhere.

You Might Need to Do Two Things to Find Enjoyment

Many people are of the mistaken belief that they won’t find enjoyment in multiple hobbies, but happiness doesn’t have to come from one area alone. Consider finding a job that’s similar to your passion. Think of what you enjoy most about it and see if there’s a career that offers similar benefits. You can always do what you enjoy on the side and still make an income, even if you can’t make it a full-time job.

Success Does Not Always Equal Money

Success doesn’t always mean money. Consider the enjoyment you derive from your passions and the social or aesthetic impact you’re making while doing what you enjoy. We all need to make a living, but make sure you’re gauging your success on more than the size of your bank account.

Many people would rather hear that they can do anything they want, but it’s important to be realistic about passions, particularly if you’re relying on them to earn an income. Being honest and knowing when to direct your efforts toward something else can help you find something new and allow you to still feel positive about what you love, without getting burned out. This mindset can help you shine and do your best, no matter what that might be.

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