The 15 Deadliest Animals on Earth

The Earth is a weird and wonderful place filled with amazingly beautiful wildlife. One look at the white tiger, the snowy owl, or the blue and gold macaw renders it impossible to deny that truth. Yet, the 15 animals on this list also just happen to pose a clear and present danger to humankind:

The solenodon, or “toilet rat,” has a long snout and sharp little teeth. Its saliva is venom-laced and uses its bite to inject poison into the skin. The calcarine in the venom attacks blood pressure, bringing prey down quickly. 

The Sydney funnel-web spider boasts a toxic bite. This creature lies in waiting within a unique funnel spun by the female. It waits and strikes, dragging prey into the ground. 

The Blue Dragon sea slug is both beautiful and sinister. It stores the stinging powers generated by other creatures it feeds on. Then it ultimately attacks with a vengeance. 

The odd-looking platypus is a combination of duck and beaver with a furry body. The species’ males are deadly because they have sharp, venomous stingers on the back of their feet to kill their prey. While not exactly fatal to humans, a strike can leave you with severe swelling and excruciating pain. 

Still, we shouldn’t fear these and other deadly animals simply because they pose a risk. Instead, it’s better to get to know them, their habitats, and how to avoid encountering them in the first place. Knowledge is power, after all — but distance also helps!