5 Time-Wasters that Kill Your Potential

5 Time-Wasters that Kill Your Potential
5 Time-Wasters that Kill Your Potential

Feeling like you’ve been running all day and still haven’t gotten anything done? Not to worry, you aren’t alone. Millions of people feel the same way every day. But we’ll show you what’s probably really getting in the way of your potential and then tell you how to fix it.

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Time management is a true skill that takes real effort to master. Once you start avoiding things that take away from your potential, you’re more likely to be successful and less stressed. Social media, messages, email, saying “yes” and even chores can take you further from your goals until you learn how to manage them. See the steps you can take to get a handle on your most precious commodity.

Trim the Fat with These Time-Wasters to Amp Up Your Potential.

Time Management Truths

You’ve probably heard many different variations of feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day. “I’ll try to make time for it.” “I just didn’t have time.” “Where has the time gone?” If you think about it, it’s almost ridiculous. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. It’s what you do with that time that matters. Check out some of the most common things people waste their time on.

Social Media

Probably the biggest time suck of them all, social media seems to be able to engulf hours, while making it feel as if minutes have passed. It’s instant gratification meets emotional roller coaster meets socialization. No social media argument is going to move anyone forward in life; no cat meme is worth missing out on a good opportunity. Unfollow those who tempt you to argue, set a timer to limit how much you spend there, and resist the urge to comment on everything you see. It also helps to turn off notifications for posts that keep drawing you back.


It’s great to be able to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. It can also be very distracting. If possible, specify alerts and ringtones, so you’ll know when it’s someone who really needs to reach you. Alternately, shut off all your messenger notifications and let people know to call if there is an emergency. Choose specific times to check your messages, and let people know them.


No, you can’t just say chores are wasting your time and skip them. Sorry. But you can avoid letting them pile up. When they do, it can be so overwhelming that it can seem to take forever just to figure out a schedule to get them done. Instead, try this: Never leave a room empty-handed. Reuse the same cup through the day. Plan and if possible, cook meals ahead of time and reuse the leftovers, or divide meals into proper proportions.


Set specific times to check your emails, rather than wasting time by checking them multiple times through the day. It isn’t even that it takes too long to check them. But you have to stop whatever else you were doing to get to your email account. It takes time to get back to focusing on whatever you interrupted to check your emails. Try checking once in the morning, perhaps again around midday, and then once in the evening.


You might be wasting more time than you realize by saying “yes” to every invitation or request for assistance. And sometimes, lending a hand really means absolving someone else of their own responsibilities at the cost of your time. Say “no” once in a while and you won’t just free up some of your time, but you’ll also learn who’s around you because they want to be, and who is around you because of what you can do for them.

It’s easy to waste the time you have before you realize it. Making the most of your time is about being organized and putting true value on your own goals. If nothing else, make a note of the time whenever you get involved in an activity that doesn’t directly promote your goals. Do that for even a day and you’ll likely find where the waste exists.