Unhappy With Your Career? Here’s How to Successfully Make the Change

A globally conducted poll showed that about 85% of all workers disengaged at work and feel unsatisfied with their job. That’s the vast majority of working people across the world.

What’s the solution?

88% of workers that have successfully completed a job change claim to be much happier since the switch. If you’re unhappy with your current career, here’s how you can switch things up and feel much more satisfied with your work. 

Besides, if you’re going to work the national average of 260 days a year as a full-time employee, why not be happy while you do it?

Find Your Why

Changing careers is a big move. Before you do anything that could cause you to lose your current job, take the time to dig deep and figure out why you want to leave your line of work. Are you simply unsatisfied with the job you’re doing, or are you having a hard time dealing with a difficult boss?

Whatever your reasoning may be, be sure that you have one that is worth making a change over. That reason may also inform your next steps and help you keep an eye out for what you want to avoid in the future. 

Envision What You Want

What gives your life meaning and purpose? If you’re family-oriented, you’ll need some extra income to help support your loved ones. If you enjoy being creative, you’ll need the time and resources to pour into your artistic ideas.

When you want to make a big career change, be sure to envision what you want clearly. Know what gives you motivation and purpose to work day in and day out. This helps you keep the end goal in mind when searching for new opportunities.

Reach Out To Your Network

The world really does feel small once you realize how interconnected everyone is. Utilize the network of professionals that you’ve built throughout the years and reach out to people who might know of a new career venture that you could take.

If you only know a limited amount of people, you could join a networking site such as LinkedIn to help you expand your network. Because LinkedIn is an online platform, it could even pave the way for remote work that you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Go Back To School

If you want to change career fields completely, it may require a bit of extra education. Online universities are a convenient way to expand your knowledge without having to uproot your life. 

Having another degree or certification prevents you from going through the extreme cut in pay that comes with starting at the bottom tier of a new field. Once you land on a career path that’s appealing to you, find out what degree you would need to help you get ahead when you decide to transition.