How to Keep Your Cool When You’re Upset

Keep your cool

It can be hard to stay calm when everything is falling apart. Being scared, angry, or hurt makes it extremely difficult to keep your cool.

It’s not only about appearing to handle things well to others but actually learning how to keep yourself level-headed. Trying situations will continue to appear in your life. You can’t always choose your circumstances, but you can choose your reaction to them. 

Why do you get so upset?

Intense feelings over something small is a sign of something deeper at play. Your immediate reaction to a situation always stems from your perspective of it. 

There’s a difference between what happens and what was meant to happen. To understand your reaction, you have to begin to understand the trigger behind it.

Most likely, if you react with intense emotion to an inconvenience, it’s triggered by your belief that it was on purpose. Either certain people have something against you or the universe does. You believe that fate is out to get you in the most annoying ways.

Because you expect opposition, you perceive this meaningless inconvenience as a personal attack. You believe the world is out to get you because see attacks on your life where there aren’t any. 

How to keep your cool…

By understanding that the probability of those inconveniences is most likely not an attack, you become less defensive. This defensiveness is what causes those extreme emotions. Think of how calm you would be if you let go of your defenses.

You have to come to understand that the world probably isn’t conspiring against you. You tend to spot intention when there was none to protect yourself but it’s actually a result of personal shame. The world isn’t the one attacking you…you are!

Don’t take it personally.

It’s nothing personal. Accidents and inconveniences happen. There’s a large difference between malicious intentions and a minor setback. 

Don’t take it personally! The sooner you release that pride that says the world’s attacks revolve around you, the easier you will find peace in those chaotic moments.