Minor New Year’s resolutions that Can Transform Your Life Over Time

It takes a few small changes to make a large impact on your life. Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be a big change in your routine. Below are a few ways to make minor adjustments to improve your life.

  1. Slowing down the coffee intake

This could reduce calories, but by reducing your coffee intake, you can also reduce your caffeine intake. Some have claimed that coffee contains toxins that can affect your body, and caffeine can lead to anxiety, irregular heartbeat, and trouble sleeping.

  1. Stop eating just before bed

Eating before bed is one way to gain unwanted calories. It is also when many people mindlessly eat because they may be unwinding and watching television. When you consume the food before bed, your body takes it and begins to store it instead of burning it off. Stopping your food intake early and giving your body a rest before bed will help you greatly.

  1. Adding exercise to your day

Adding only 30 minutes of movement to your day every day is a great way to stay healthy. That goal can change as the habit forms. Only 30 minutes a day is said to improve your health both mentally and physically.

  1. Giving up soda

Giving up sugary or diet soda may be difficult at first, but replacing it with water will save you money and be great for your blood sugar and body.

  1. Walking in the evenings

Along with getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, you can start taking a walk in the evening or maybe in the morning. This will not only get you outside but will keep you from sitting and eating and help with your energy. You can also use this time to make a phone call or listen to a podcast.

  1. Taking an exercise class

Adding an exercise class into your day, whether in person at a studio or gym or at home, can help you focus on your well-being. It also makes you take a break and focus on your body and mind.

  1. Giving up alcohol

There are so many reasons to give up alcohol. This may be hard if you have had drinking as a daily habit in your day. Your belly will thank you as alcohol turns to belly fat, and your wallet will thank you since you won’t be spending as much. Your relationships will thank you since even with one drink; you can start to feel feelings that may be different from a non-alcohol state. When people are looking to lose weight and get healthy, removing alcohol gives a person a new outlook on life. They sleep better, find new ways to enjoy themselves, and their skin and body feel and look better.

  1. Eat smaller portions

Just reducing the portions you eat daily will quickly help you intake fewer calories. As it seems humans eat more food than required. Why not enjoy the foods you love but eat smaller portions of them.

  1. Reading a book once a month

It’s hard to sit down and find the time to read, but we find the time to watch TV, look at our phones, and mindlessly do other tasks. Why not pick up a book to read and enjoy it. Even if you set a goal for one book a month, you may get on a reading train, and you won’t be able to slow down. It’s also a great way to show children how important reading is.

  1. Being in nature once a day

Get outside no matter the weather and enjoy what nature has to offer. The breath of fresh air and the viewing of nature in front of you is enough to reset your mind. Don’t take your phone or an electronic to truly enjoy what nature is showing you.

Even if you live a busy lifestyle, there are some changes you can make that will work wonders.

Some other ways to make daily changes:

  • Getting dressed and ready for the day in the morning
  • Shopping online
  • Take an online class once a month
  • Try lifting weights
  • Try a new hobby puzzles, crocheting, painting, music
  • Being mindful one a day and sitting and thinking about yourself
  • Once a month help a person in need
  • Spend time with an animal