This is 2020’s Best Budget Hack

Why Meal Prepping is 2020's Best Budget Hack

It’s a brand-new year and a brand-new you! You might be scouring for ways to transform your life and find your best self. Are you also looking to improve your finances? Then glance closely at your food bill. Spending a ton at the grocery store? Out to eat? Shed overspending by meal prepping. Here’s why it’s an awesome budget hack.

Planning Ahead Prevents Overspending

We’ve all done it, gone to the store hungry and accidently left the shopping list on the kitchen counter. The result is grabbing things we don’t need and overspending in the process. This can wreak havoc on your food budget and cause needless dipping into your savings.

Optimize your spending by planning your meal prep for the week and creating a detailed grocery list. Be prepared before you head out to the store by covering these bases:

  • Decide which meals you want for the week.
  • Jot down ingredients and quantities.
  • Scour store ads and collect coupons.
  • Make your grocery list.

Most importantly, don’t forget your list as you leave your house!

Reduces Complexity

Having meals for the week labeled and packed away in the freezer makes it easy to grab and go. Planning and prepping can take the guesswork out of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stay stocked up on your meal prep food essentials. This could be canned foods, frozen veggies and fresh fruit. This makes it easier to get meal prep work done without a lot of fuss and reduces your chances of grabbing a pricey Starbucks fast-food breakfast when you’re on the run.

Cheaper Than Eating Out

Most US residents spend over $4,000 a year going out to eat. This might include grabbing pricey items from a convenience store or taking everyone out for an Italian feast. Either way, it’s money that could go into your future savings. Meal prepping for 2020 is the perfect hack to slash that number and put that excess food money back into your pocket.

Minimizes Excessive Trips to the Store

Time is money! Running back and forth to the store for essentials takes away from personal time and drives up the cost of using excess gas. Meal prepping and generating a menu for the week or month ahead cuts back on excessive trips to town. This is a great way to stick to your budget and avoid wear and tear on your vehicle and your personal schedule.

We all need a good meal out once in a while, but having a plan for all the other nights on your calendar can help make those little extras a little easier. Try meal prepping for yourself and see how much it can simplify your life and your budget. In the end, it’s an economical way to adhere to your 2020 household budget and avoid the impulse of grabbing an expensive meal on the go.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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