Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

( – Has the pandemic left you unsure where your career is heading? One option that’s always available is online learning. If this is an option you’ve been considering, there still may be a lot of unknowns. We’ve put together some of the key pros and cons of online learning. Will it be right for you?

Pro: Schedule Flexibility

One of the biggest pros of online or distance learning is you can work around your busy schedule. This means having a full-time career and family life doesn’t have to be an obstacle in obtaining your degree. Having your classes set up online gives you the convenience factor you need to venture through a busy day.

Con: Must Have Focus

The drawback to setting your own schedule and working whenever you have free time is that you must have focus to meet deadlines and attend classes. If you are the type of person who needs structure to get assignments turned in on time, you may have a problem with attending school this way.

Having a study partner and keeping lines of communication open with your professor can help with staying on track with tests and assignments.

Pro: Broader Network of Peers

Do you enjoy the camaraderie of chatting with your classmates? While physically being in the classroom is a great way to achieve that, online learning can be even more beneficial.

This is because peers are from different areas of the country, even the world. This allows you to broaden your network of friends and experience things from a unique perspective.

Con: Isolation

Even with online interaction, a major drawback to attending school online is that it can be very isolating. While you can communicate through Skype or chat rooms, it still means that you’re at home and isolated from everyone in your classroom. For some students, this may be a hard pill to swallow. Setting up a social-distancing meeting at a nearby coffee shop or at someone’s house may be a way to make this type of learning more bearable.

Being able to attend school when most campuses are closed allows you to continue the flow of your education without too much interruption. There are many options to explore. Reach out and find a program that will fit your needs. The sky’s the limit!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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