Flexible Jobs For Full-Time Students

When you’re going to college, having 24 hours in a day never seems to be enough. In order to go to classes, do schoolwork, get involved in extracurricular activities, and work at the same time it takes up a lot of energy and a lot of effort.

But regardless, you still need to get a degree while being financially responsible by getting a job- so how do you balance it all?

Here are 3 flexible job options that are perfect for full-time students.


If you have a car and a little spare time, UberEats is a perfect job for you. You can set up your own hours, so you don’t need to worry about coordinating with a supervisor every time a school obligation gets in the way. All you need to do to clock in is log onto the app and start delivering orders to hungry customers.

The flexibility of UberEats is extremely convenient for any full-time student struggling to start a side hustle. Even if all you have is a bike and a few spare hours a week, you can still make a decent dollar off of the app. It’s easy to apply and easy to start delivering.


No matter where you go to school or what your major is, there are plenty of students who would benefit from a little extra help in their classes. You’d be surprised by how many people struggle with putting a simple essay together or finishing a math assignment. If you find yourself thriving in your schoolwork, you can pay it forward while making a bit of money to set aside.

Connect with professors at your school to see if you can help tutor for their class. The better your professors know about your work ethic and study habits, the more likely they are to hire or recommend you as a tutor. You can set up weekly sessions with students in order to get more consistent pay.


Although it isn’t glamorous, childcare is a great way to make some money while you go to school. Whether you’re nannying, babysitting, or simply offering an extra set of hands to overwhelmed parents you can make a good amount of cash from childcare gigs. College students with experience typically charge around $15-20 an hour, which is a great wage for a job that doesn’t require any prerequisites.

The more connections you make, the higher chance you have of making a steady income. Jobs that you can work consistently (such as daily nannying for an infant or weekly babysitting for date night) are ideal gigs. You can also add other services to your normal childcare routine. If you see a kid consistently, you could charge extra to provide additional services such as music lessons or tutoring while you’re taking care of them.