Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Minimalism at its finest, cozy, easy to clean. These are phrases you may hear with small space living. Whether you live in an affordable apartment or a trendy tiny home, it’s easy to have a small space and keep it looking nice.


Invest in storage containers to keep small items together and to have a labeled place for them. Pantry, spices, silverware, and so many items can go in their own storage space. Try stackable storage containers or other containers designed to minimize space used for a little space-saving boost. Even drawers and small cabinets can use these storage containers.


The best way to keep a small space nice is to have fewer things. Go through your small space and remove the items you truly don’t need. Clothing is usually a subject that takes up a lot of space, and usually, you don’t use all the clothing you are keeping. Items you don’t need on hand but wish to keep can be moved to storage, and whatever you don’t wish to keep can be sold secondhand via an online marketplace.

Multi-use furniture

There are many examples of furniture that you can use for other functions. You can get couches that convert into beds, desks that fit under lofted beds or double as nightstands, and tables that can fold into a wall. 

You can also buy ottomans that function as storage containers or a bed with built-in drawers to save space from a dresser. Finally, you can get cabinets that hang on walls doubling as a shelf and storage container to hide away items that may cause clutter.

Maximize your walls

You can use vertical space to keep items off the floor, reducing clutter, and even function as decoration. For instance, you can use floating style shelves along with decorative bookends to display your literature or media collection. Plenty of decorative shelving and wall hook options exist to get your items off the floor and looking nice in no time.


The lighter the color of the walls and furniture, the bigger and cozier the area feels. Go with light, brightly colored accents too. Use large rugs that are neutral in color, and maybe consider a wall tapestry for an affordable artistic touch.

You may also want to consider different colored light sources. You can use an LED light strip behind your television or other furniture as a decoration that also adds an illusion of depth.

Keep it clean

Keep the space tidy by weekly picking up and cleaning. Regularly vacuum or mop, and wipe down the walls to maintain the light colors. This not only helps maintain the look of your place but is just, in general, a good courtesy for potential guests.


Navigating living in a small space isn’t for everyone, but it is still important to make the space your own for those who appreciate more minimalist living. With a few handy items and decorating tricks, you can make the most of your tiny home or apartment.