Avoid These Saturated Career Markets

Avoid These Saturated Career Markets
Avoid These Saturated Career Markets

Feeling motivated? Considering going back to school? Before you jump at the chance to enroll in the first educational opportunity that passes you by, you should know that not every career is worthwhile.

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Certain career markets have become  so saturated that finding a job after you graduate can be more difficult than ever. With so many students vying for the same positions, you may think twice before jumping into these saturated markets. Reporters, the military, USPS and Door-to-door sales are all fields that are have more people than work. Read the full article to learn the details.

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Newspaper Reporter

Fancy yourself a roving reporter, digging up all the details and delivering them to the public? Unfortunately, the move to mobile devices and the Internet continues to impact the publishing industry, and there are more freelance writers than ever before. Worse yet, people aren’t reading newspapers as often as they once did — meaning media outlets aren’t hiring reports as often.

Reporting is a fun job, especially if you’re detail-oriented, but most  reporters only make an average of $37,000 per year.

Statistics-wise, reporting just isn’t growing. Investopedia’s predicted growth rates reflected an abysmal -8.00% just last year, and recent estimates reflect similar performances.

Enlisted Military

Thinking about signing up with the military for job security? You may want to reconsider your choice. The same Investopedia survey revealed that the career category for enlisted military personnel showed almost no movement, sitting at a perfectly even 0.00 percent growth rate.

Unfortunately, “no news is good news” doesn’t really apply here because the military often accepts people even when they’re over capacity. Instead of saying no, they place you in fields or career paths you might not want. Once you’re signed, you have to stick it out, even if you don’t like the path you’re given.

Serving your country is important, but so is being realistic — and the reality here is that most entry-level military members don’t make a ton of money. The average salary is just $27,936.

US Postal Service Workers

Back in the ‘50s, most Americans saw working for USPS as a  good thing. You were practically guaranteed job security, and in some cases, a fairly high salary compared to the rest of the country working in other blue-collar jobs. But the shift to technology and email continue to take business away from mail services, so fewer workers are needed to control the influx and outflux of mail.

Just how bad is the postal industry suffering right now? The US Bureau of Labor estimates that mail service jobs, including sorters, processors, and mail machine operators, will suffer a loss of 13 percent by 2026.  Becoming a mailman when you grow up just isn’t a worthy endeavor.

Are courier services and mail services always bad? Not necessarily. The Bureau does predict that specialty delivery services, like medical couriers, fare slightly better, with a 2.6 percent growth rate. Unfortunately, average pay remains low at just under $15 an hour.

Door-to-Door Sales

Thinking about signing up with a company like your local telecom provider, a home security company, or a pest control service? Maybe you’re thinking of starting your own company, and then marketing your services door-to-door yourself.

Here’s the bad news: door-to-door sales are just about dead, and that means the people left applying for such jobs are vastly over-saturating the market. According to the National Employment Matrix, door-to-door salesperson jobs will shrink by a dismal 34.4 percent by 2026. The few remaining positions that aren’t cut will become much more competitive along the way.

Even if you do manage to nail down a position, the average income for a door-to-door salesperson is just $21,000, and an overwhelming number of positions only pay via commission. That leaves you at the mercy of people’s moods and market fluctuations.

Still want to be in sales? Go into more profitable careers, like digital marketing. Growth rates are predicted to exceed 11 percent by 2021, with the entire industry growing to an incredible $120 billion GDP per year.

Finding the right career market isn’t easy, especially if you’re currently struggling with unemployment or underemployment. Education is the answer, but how can you pay for school without interfering with your ability to support yourself? Start studying online today in some of the most lucrative job markets available. Accredited schools make it easy and effective to do what you love and become self-sufficient in the process. It’s a win-win!