Is Being Weird the New “Fitting In”?

Is Being Weird the New “Fitting In”?

In this time of embracing your weirdness, it may seem that those who don’t have any “weird” habits or traits don’t fit in. Is having a weirdness that makes you stand out the new way to fit in, or is it just plain odd? We think it’s the latter; here’s why.

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Do you embrace your differences? Are you considered a weirdo? Great! Now all you have to do is find your tribe and see how your weirdness helps you fit in. We’ll tell you why your uniqueness is actually your strength and show you how to make the most of that beautiful personality right here in this post. Let’s celebrate you, shall we?

You are Unique – and That Makes You Amazing!

The Age of Diversity

Today is a time of freedom. No matter what your specific “weirdness” may be, you will find tolerance, acceptance and understanding.This means that the old days of being picked on or bullied for your differences are no longer acceptable.

(Okay, yeah, it still happens. But more people are standing up to bullies.)

Finding your own personal tribe of weirdos allows you to be as openly weird as you want to be. It’s hard to be weird if everyone in your personal circle is just the same, right? Even if you share differences, it can be mind-blowing to realize that the things that set you apart as a child are suddenly things to embrace and share with the world.

Being “normal” is boring! Let your weirdo flag fly. You have a spot in this world and people will love you for it. You just have to give it some time.

Finding Your Weirdness

If you were one of those kids who didn’t have any standout weirdness as a child, you may find yourself searching for your uniqueness. Don’t worry; everyone has something that makes them unique and cool. The key is to find a group who fits your uniqueness, not the other way around.

Have a fondness for “nerdy” things like Star Trek? Guess what, you are now part of a huge group of people who find nerdiness to be sexy and fun, not something to hide. There was a time when being a “Trekkie” was considered geeky; today, it’s celebrated by millions of highly intelligent, interesting people all across the globe.

Is your hair something you’ve fought your entire life? Maybe it’s kinky and curly instead of sleek and smooth. Lucky for you, this is a time when anything goes. Natural hair is incredibly trendy, and people are encouraged to let their hair just be hair in all its smooth, straight, curly, or frizzy beauty. So many are turning their back on trends and create their own fashion and style path – you can rock that, too.

Are you filled with outrage over the political atmosphere today? You are not alone. In fact, there are far fewer people who aren’t interested in politics than those who feel strongly about it. Your desire to debate and enact change? That’s welcome, no matter what side of the coin you land on.

Finding Your Tribe

If you use Facebook at all, you probably notice how people find friends with similar ideas simply by sharing their thoughts. That meme that you find hilarious may upset your mother (maybe you hide it from her…we won’t tell). There there are people out there who find it just as funny.

Ultimately, the secret is that you need to explore and find the people who are already just like you in the first place. Join groups, be active in your community in ways that show your weirdness and you’ll find others who feel the same as you.

Be yourself, embrace the things that make you different. Show the world who you are. Heck, celebrate who you are and what makes it so amazing. Your “tribe” will find you and you just might find your life changing in unexpected ways along the way.

~Here’s to Your Success.