4 Tips for Working from Home

Working remotely may have sounded like a dream come true, but if you suddenly find yourself in a telework situation, the logistics of actually working from home can be a bit daunting. Sure, you already know how to do your job, but you’re used to being at an office where you have a lot more tools and people at your disposal than you probably realized. Yes, you will find that you actually miss the people from IT! You’re probably going to miss being able to easily confer with your coworkers about particular issues or questions that you didn’t realize you were using them as sounding boards for as well. You will probably miss the equipment too. Yes, even the printer and copier.

With 43% of Americans occasionally working from home, there’s no reason to stumble through all of the rough spots for yourself. Look for good advice.

Working at home means a lot more responsibility rests on your shoulders to make sure your environment supports your ability to work well. You will need to keep track of your office supplies since you can’t just run to the supply closet and get more. Bet you never thought about how much things would change! That’s ok, we’ve got a list of the best work-from-home tips to help you make the transition.

1 – Find a designated workspace

Yes, you envisioned lounging on the sofa while you worked through the monthly expense spreadsheet, but the truth is that’s not the best idea—and not just because you might be tempted to turn on the television and start marathoning the latest season of Queer Eye. If you don’t have a desk, stake out a spot at the breakfast table, or somewhere that’s just your space to work in. Be sure it’s somewhere you can sit up and focus without a lot of distractions—although it’s a good idea to have a window you can look out to keep your creative juices flowing.

2 – Get ready every morning

Ok, it’s true no one will see you below the waist, so you can wear sweatpants. (No, really, you can. We won’t tell.) However, it’s smart to wake up and go through your normal pre-work routine. Do your hair, put on makeup if that’s your thing. Wear presentable clothes from the waist up so you are ready for any teleconference meetings. The most important thing about getting ready in the morning is that it means you’re ready at the end of the workday. That was you can go out and socialize in the evening like normal.

3 – Set break time aside for household work

So, it’s silly to pretend you’re not at home. You are. You’re going to be thinking about what needs to be done around the house. The best thing you can do is compartmentalize it. If you’ve got dishes to do, or a load of laundry to throw in, just set aside a ten or fifteen-minute break to get that stuff done. Think of it as the time you would have spent getting more coffee or grabbing a snack at the office.

4 – Listen to a podcast or music out loud

Hey, what’s the point of being at home if you can’t tailor your environment more to what you like? So pop on some music that doesn’t interfere with your ability to work. Or maybe this is your chance to listen to however many hundred hours of Harry Potter audiobooks there are. Entertain yourself and think of it as compensation for the decreased socializing.