Proof You Really Can Make a Career Out of Anything

Proof You Really Can Make a Career Out of Anything

Who says you can’t make a career out of your passions and hobbies? In today’s digital culture, it’s easier than ever to display your creativity and find a following. And if you happen to catch the attention of the right person or group, you could be on the road to success you never saw coming.

That’s what happened to Harrison McNeill, a teen who started a Twitter account called @goodbeanjokes during his junior year in high school. After attracting over 60,000 followers, he was recognized by the advertising company Tombras, which hired him as a social media writer. Now, he’s doing what he loves and getting paid for it.

How Harrison McNeill Found His Niche

McNeill is living proof that you can make a career out of anything. It all started in 2018, when he set up @goodbeanjokes and started interacting with Brand Twitter as a fun hobby. However, everything changed when he was noticed by Tombras through their popular account, MoonPie.

Tombras loved McNeill’s humor and personality so much that they reached out to him. When they found out that he was still in high school, they were willing to wait until he graduated and entered college to take him on as part of their team. Because of his new job, McNeill even decided to change his major from political science to business marketing so that he could fully embrace his new calling.

After Tombras hired McNeill, the popular Bush’s Beans brand became eager to jump in and have the teen run their Brand Twitter. His debut on the account in August 2019 produced more engagement from Bush’s Beans followers than ever before.

Whatever You Enjoy, Go for It

So, McNeill’s account that started out as a joke turned into a social media management career. Now, he has the opportunity to help a well-known company expand its digital presence every day. What are the odds?

It may seem unlikely, but you have as real of a chance as anyone to find your niche. If you have a special interest or skill, maybe it’s time to put yourself out there with a creative idea or start thinking about how your talents could be used in a practical way. While there are times in life when you may have to buckle down and do something you don’t necessarily enjoy to pay the bills, there could be opportunities out there for you to shine that you haven’t considered.

Life can be unpredictable, meaning your breakthrough may happen on your terms — or it might show itself when you least expect it, like McNeill’s did. Keep doing what you love, and you could find the career of your dreams!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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