Managing Stress as a Remote Worker

Managing Stress as a Remote Worker

( – Remember dreaming of landing the perfect job from home? Well, you’ve found it! Days consist of lounging in your pajamas, hanging out with pets and sipping homemade hot chocolate. Sounds dreamy. But there are some shortfalls that often go along with it. Stress is actually a big problem for some people. Here is how to manage your day as a remote worker.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

One of the best ways to help keep stress at bay is to generate an established schedule and adhere to that time frame. Treat a remote job just as you would going into the office. Make a to-do list and get the biggest projects wrapped up first. This takes the stress away of a looming deadline approaching, which could lead to turning in sub-par work.

Define Boundaries

Your daughter wants to meet for lunch today, but you have a full plate of work. Stress can creep in, and so can guilt. While you don’t want to miss catching up with your adult daughter, you need to turn in a lot of work today.

Share your boundaries with others now. Let them know they can’t take advantage of you being available at home, and they need to take it seriously. Your job, just like theirs, pays your bills. You’re not available around the clock.

Take a Break

Putting up a barrier against stress starts with taking care of mental health. Too much work and no breaks can lead to burnout and frustration. Set aside time throughout the day to:

  • Walk the dog
  • Read emails or delve into a good book
  • Practice yoga and self-reflect or meditate
  • Exercise or go for a swim

Getting away from your tablet, phone and computer can help ease racing thoughts. Taking a step back is good for the soul and sharpens the brain.

Limit Distractions

Some people love having the TV on while they work. Until they discover they’ve typed a line from the show they’ve just watched. Barking dogs and small children can be a huge distraction too.

Keep your sanity while working remotely. Find a quiet space with no interruptions. Hire a babysitter if needed. The goal is to be confident in your work and not stressed because of the day.

Working from home remotely is a convenient way to earn a living, but it isn’t easy. Just like working at a brick-and-mortar job, stress can creep up. Set up the day to avoid stressors and deal with them properly should they pop up. Make your work environment a thriving one. Not only does your livelihood depend on it, but your mental health does too.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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