Drive the Haters Mad With These Tips for Happiness

Drive the Haters Mad With These Tips for Happiness

Ever feel like the people in your life are just waiting to see you fail? You’re not alone! They may be doing you a favor because ultimately, success and happiness bring the most satisfaction when you’re surrounded by doubters. Show the world it’s possible to be happy, no matter what they think of you.

Focus on Today

Staying present in this moment isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s truly helpful, even integral to building happiness. There’s no question things can be tough. But staying in the moment an make the haters look at you and wonder why you’re so happy almost better than anything else.

There are always things you can enjoy right now. There are always reasons to be grateful. Appreciate the people you get to spend your days with, get outside and get some sunshine, or do something you know will make you laugh — but stay in this moment. Not some other time in the past where you had a tiff with someone or in the future where you might have to see them again. Stay here, now, in this moment, and focus on what’s great about that.

Practice Self-Care

We’re not about to suggest expensive massages or vacations — self-care is so much more than pampering. Instead, we want to stress the importance of prioritizing the basics during difficult seasons of life.

Motivation to take care of yourself might be hard to come by, but there’s no benefit to neglecting your needs. Commit to catching up on bills, watching the dishes, and taking care of basic stuff like laundry and yard maintenance on a schedule. Self-care isn’t a bubble bath, it’s knowing that checking off some things you’ve been neglecting will relieve your stress and help you move forward.

Celebrate Progress

If you have some haters, maybe you don’t have people who want to go celebrate with you when you achieve small wins. But it’s still important to take a moment and to recognize your achievement. So do it for yourself!

Keep track of your progress by writing down what you’re doing each day to find milestones worth celebrating, and then make sure you take the time to do so.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you have a couple of haters it’s easy to dismiss them, but if you’re really surrounded by people that don’t celebrate your joys, it may be time to get a new circle.

No matter what people may say, you know your own truth. Each time you smile and chose to see the good in your life, you’re pushing away negativity and choosing happiness instead. And every time you do that, you’re one step closer to meeting the goal of being so happy they can hardly stand it.