Hot Jobs of Tomorrow that Only Require a Bachelor’s Degree

When you’re thinking about a new career or thinking about going back to college, it’s natural to wonder which professions will be most in-demand in the future. These are tumultuous economic times and the fact that the real average wage hasn’t actually increased since the 1970s means that most people have to think wage smart as they look at the potential future growth of any job field they might consider.

During the search for a new career field, most people take into account not only their potential aptitude for the new position, but the stability of the sector and the average salary. They also want to make sure they can start the job with minimal retraining or education. So we’ve compiled a list of careers that are the most likely to be booming in the future that require only a bachelor’s degree.

Registered Nurse

It’s no secret that healthcare is a booming industry. It’s also no secret that nurses are a primary component of all medical care. Which means this is a career that’s only going to grow with 12% projected job outlook growth through 2028. Add that to a $70k+ average salary per year and registered nurse looks like an excellent choice for anyone who hopes to future-proof their next career. And don’t forget that there are many online programs offered by accredited colleges and universities to help you get on the registered nursing fast track.

Software Developer

The tech sector can look a bit turbulent from the outside, but while tech companies may come and go, some tech jobs are here to stay. If you’ve ever perused online job ads, you know that there’s always a demand for software developers. And that demand is unlikely to abate anytime soon with a projected 21% job growth outlook. Software developers do more than all right with their salaries as well, with the average compensation coming in at over $100,000/year. High demand for talent also means most software development gigs come with good benefits and upward mobility tracks. And the best part is, your options for training for this field are numerous. Check out your local community college or any number of online college or university courses if you’d like to make software developer your next job title.

Market Research Analyst

We live in a market-driven world, so it’s no surprise that market research analysts are very much in demand. This career has a 20% projected job growth through the next decade and you can get into the field with a bachelor’s degree. If you always liked math class and enjoy a varied and challenging career, then market research analyst might be the job you’ve been looking for. The salary’s not bad either, with an average well over $60,000 per year.