Yes, There Is A “Correct” Version of Success

You want to achieve your goals, but you’re struggling to get there for some reason. Success is often equivicated with the reward at the end of the tunnel. The people who get the furthest in life adopt a mindset of growth and progress instead of fixating on the end goal. You, too, can choose this way of thinking to be a success in every aspect of your life.

Quick Read:
Growth is the key to getting what you want out of life. Success isn’t a treasure waiting at the end of a long day or a year’s worth of savings. We’ll tell you why growth is the real key to success, how your inner voice affects your achievements, and why you still have time to be the best you possible in this post.

Growth Is the True Definition of Success.

Why Growth is Success

In order to excel, you need to actively choose to grow, learn, and improve. You’ll always run into challenges and setbacks. A successful person will interpret those struggles as a chance to adapt and evolve with unwavering optimism.

Believing you’re not good enough to overcome a challenging situation is a loser’s mindset. You need to build a solid foundation of self-confidence to tackle life’s difficulties. Create it by learning from your experiences; use your obstacles to properl your growth as an individual. You can adapt to anything if you believe in yourself and are willing to go with the flow.

The Mindset of Growth is Your Inner Voice

Do you pay attention to the nagging voice at the back of your head? You aren’t crazy! It’s your subconscious speaking, and it’s communicating some of your deepest thoughts and feelings. Your inner doubts and fears are often expressed through your inner voice.

When you face uncertainty, your mind will ask you, “Are you cut out for this?” Take the mindset of growth instead of giving into fear. Answer with a confident “Yes, I’m good enough to do this” even if you’re unsure of the outcome. You may fail in your task, but you’ll learn something new about yourself in the process. Sometimes, you need to fake it until you make it – and that’s okay!

Add “Yet” To Your Vocabulary

Learning new skills and improving old ones takes time. Maybe you don’t feel like you have enough time to do anything and you’re trying to get positive results right now. That’s admirable, but you need to factor time into all of your equations. Progress is slow; alter your perspective when events will occur and keep working at it.

Add “yet” to the end of your sentences for a more positive outlook instead of being overwhelmed by the potential future. “I can’t get a promotion, yet” removes the implication that you can NEVER be promoted. Do this with everything you want to achieve or are uncertain about in your life. You’ll be amazed at how much change will come from a tiny shift in language and perspective.

New Experiences Lead to Success

Doing the same thing every single day shelters you from anything new, exciting and challenging. Your brain desires fresh information all the time, so feed your mind to feed your success. Do something new off the cuff once a week; you’ll surely learn something new and unexpected.

It’s difficult to seek new experiences while working full-time jobs (someone has to pay the bills, no matter how much you want to focus on the future). But here’s the thing: it’s not impossible. Challenge yourself in the workplace. Your employers will also take notice of you, which increases your chances of getting a promotion.

Success isn’t something that just happens to you. Real success is the journey of self-improvement and learning new things. Only you can decide what success looks like, so challenge yourself and see where your growth takes you.