5 Great Scholarships That Don’t Require An Essay

When you come across a scholarship that hardly takes any time to earn, it’s a no-brainer to apply! If you’re looking for a way to fund your education but don’t have time to write lengthy essays, there’s plenty of opportunities.

Here are 5 scholarships that you can easily apply for without having to submit an essay.

1. Tallo Scholarship- $1,000

Every month, Tallo offers a $1,000 scholarship for students looking to advance their education at a university. If you create an account, you can apply for this essay-free scholarship. Using Tallo can also help you match with universities, internships, jobs, and colleges so that you can expand your network and open up new opportunities.

2. Student Loan Hero- $1,000

LendingTree is taking the initiative to help you get a head start on paying for your higher education experience. Students and parents of students are both eligible for winning this giveaway of $1,000. Their goal is to help relieve some of the financial pressure of college tuition, and it’s easy to sign up!

3. Nitro Scholarship- $2,000

This sweepstakes scholarship is simple to apply for. You just need to be an American citizen currently enrolled in an accredited college in the US, and all that’s required is some basic contact information. Apply now to increase your odds of winning $2,000 toward your tuition!

4. Niche Scholarship- $2,000

Niche offers a scholarship for all high school and college students. In order to apply, you just need to make an account with Niche to view potential scholarship offers. That’s it! And the best part is that after applying, you’ll have access to a whole network of opportunities to earn money for your college education.

5. Be Bold Scholarship- $25,000

This significant sum will be allotted to one bold student with a bold.org profile that embodies earnestness, determination, and movement. Early applications will be favored, so the sooner you’re able to apply the better chances you’ll have of winning. No matter your grade, university of choice, or GPA you can be eligible for this scholarship. Apply here to have a chance at putting $25,000 toward school!