Strange Side Gigs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Making a little extra money on the side is a great way to pay down debt, save money or even supplement your monthly budget. However, it may seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to add another traditional job to the work you already do. Have you thought about adding a side hustle instead? 

Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t have to mean driving for Uber or delivering meals via DoorDash. There are some strange but awesome ways to make a little extra cash that you probably haven’t even considered yet.

Sell (Strange) Products or Services on Fiverr

Do you have a skill set that you can market? Then consider heading to Fiverr to start a side gig. Get paid for graphic design work, music, or even creating resumes. If you can dream it up, and it’s legal, there’s probably a category on Fiverr where you can advertise your work. Even if that involves singing telegrams to folks while wearing a hotdog costume and a wig. 

Let Your Fans Support You

Already have a decent fan base or readership of friends who follow you? Let them support you in your craft — no matter how odd it seems — by setting up a Patreon. For a small monthly fee, you’ll provide private insider access to content no one else gets to access. You can post videos, tutorials, storytime vlogs, or even just chats.

Like Patreon, Ko-Fi also offers an easy way for supporters to give you money for whatever it is you do. They can simply send you $5 for “coffee.” However, you decide what to spend it on. Pay off your bills, buy yourself a meal, or just pick up a few supplies; Ko-Fi won’t judge you! 

Private access content is a great way to let fans show you a little love. It can also turn into a great side hustle when you begin to get regular contributions. 

Promote Better Mental Health

People whose work revolves around mental health advocacy or a related field could create passive income on Mindstead. This website allows users to upload tools and resources related to mental health. For instance, you can create a PDF on self-care, a productivity journal, or even a guide to handling a particular mental health concern. 

Users pay to download your material; you receive a direct deposit payment when they do. Therapists, social workers, coaches, and teachers could qualify for this side gig.

Become a Mobile Advertisement

If you’re willing to sell ad space on your vehicle, there’s the potential to make a nice chunk of cash each month. Some companies pay in gift cards, others in monthly payments, and still others in flat fees. Ads could be as small as a bumper sticker or as large as wrapping around your car. 

There are qualifications to participate in this kind of gig. But, if you don’t mind driving around in an ad, it’s a great way to make your daily commute pay off.

Get Your Quirky On

Consider yourself a budding inventor? Submit your ideas to Quirky. You could earn a commission if they select your idea for production. The next time you think of a cool new invention that would make life a little easier, it could pay to see if the platform agrees.

Side gigs don’t have to be boring or take up all of your time. With a little research, you can find a hustle that works well for you — no matter how unique your hobbies really are. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving for your bucket list vacation, retirement, or just to pay down debt; there’s plenty of ways to make a little extra money in your spare time. Have fun with it, and it won’t even feel like work at all.