5 Ways to Look AND Feel Better

5 Ways to Look AND Feel Better

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life can take some harsh turns. Even during the best of times, a lack of self-care can take a toll on your health, appearance and self-image. All of these are closely related, and it’s important to work on them all so that you can look and feel your best every day. Check out these five self-help strategies to improve your life.

Exercise Regularly

It sounds like a given, right? But exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. It has a variety of health benefits, from improving blood flow and managing weight to building muscles and more. Even if you have limitations that prevent you from participating in certain types of physical activity, you may still be able to develop a plan that’s appropriate for your needs.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast provides your first burst of energy and sets the tone for the day. If you want to look and feel more nourished, try starting off your day with food that’s high in protein. For instance, you could incorporate foods like eggs, beans, nuts, meats or high-protein cereal into your diet. These can keep you feeling full for longer than sugary breakfast items — and certainly longer than eating no breakfast at all. The people around you will probably notice the extra pep in your step as well.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you’re not making it a point to drink water throughout the day, we recommend that you get started immediately. Water lubricates and cushions joints and vital organs, regulates body temperature and helps to ensure the body receives the proper amount of oxygen. By keeping a healthy balance of H2O in your diet, you’ll likely feel much more vibrant. Plus, it may help boost your exercise routine and protect skin clarity.

Maintain a Normal Sleep Schedule

Ah, sleep. It’s easy to take it for granted, but the amount of rest you get each night can have a big impact on your alertness, appearance and thinking process. When you don’t get enough sleep, it can affect your mood, productivity and energy levels. If you can manage at least seven hours per night, you’re likely to see a boost in your physical and mental health.

Stay Clean and Well-Groomed

Want to feel better about yourself and increase your attractiveness? Start with your grooming. This means adopting self-care routines like showering or bathing each day, wearing clean clothes and shaving or shaping any facial or body hair. You don’t have to dress up (unless you have a job that requires it) or do anything too fancy if that’s not your style, but looking clean and smelling nice can increase your comfort and confidence while helping you make a better impression on the people around you.

Maintaining these simple, healthy habits could be the key to improving your appearance and overall wellness. Despite any initial challenges you may face, the benefits can be well worth it in the end. You can look and feel better — and set yourself up for a more successful life while you’re at it.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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