Wait, Don’t Carve that Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin is a tradition in many families. However, carving a pumpkin involves cutting the pumpkin, scooping out the insides, and after you are all done, hoping it doesn’t rot or get eaten before Halloween.

Many families are now opting for a more tailored pumpkin by using alternative methods to carving. The pumpkin lasts longer this way and can be enjoyable to the whole family. The best part is no one is taking their best knife to stab and cut the jack-lantern.

Not only are these perfect decorations for Halloween, but the whole Fall season!

1. Hand painting

You can get creative with paints or let your kids loose with paints and have fun painting their pumpkin canvas. 

2. Drip painting

Take paint, let the paint drip over the pumpkin. You have to pour out paint for this and use multiple colors at the same time. Make sure to place a tarp or thick paper beneath this craft.

3. Spray painting

Take the pumpkin outside and choose your favorite spray paints and go for it. You can do sparkles, bright colors, or anything you would like. There are so many types of spray paint to choose from.

4. Make your pumpkin look more like a classy gourd

Take your pumpkin and mix paint with cornstarch. Paint your entire pumpkin an off-white color, and you have a classy gourd for your porch. For a final touch, paint the stem gold.

5. Apply beads and studs

Buy pins, beads, or studs and push them in your pumpkin for a unique style or decoration.

6. Glue nature to them

This is such a fun activity because you can grab leaves, feathers, flowers, and more and place them on your pumpkin. Buy some mod podge and paint it on top of your finds.

7. Tissue paper and mod podge

Tissue paper creates a beautiful look, and all you have to do is paint the pumpkin with some mod podge or glue and stick the paper on. Then paint over it with the mod podge.

8. Nail polish

Buy dollar store nail polish or use old nail polish and paint your pumpkin with nail polish. Make sure to do this outside and be careful because nail polish isn’t easy to remove.

9. Crayon Drip

Use old crayons and melt them with a hairdryer. Watch as they drip down the pumpkin onto a tarp or paper, creating beautiful designs.

10. Tape pumpkins

Use any type of colored tape to decorate your pumpkin, including duct tape. You can create so much art with tape.

11. Glitter

Paint on the glue with a brush and pour glitter all over your pumpkin and stem. Make sure to do this where you can collect the extra glitter that you will drop.

12. Balloons

Cut up balloons and take the bottom and stretch it over the bottom of the pumpkin.

13. String art

Pushpin art and then string it. This creates a really beautiful intricate art without the need to cut the pumpkin.