The Best Way to Start Over After Job Loss

The Best Way to Start Over After Job Loss

It truly is a sad day when you’re sent home from work after being let go. It’s so devastating when your income instantly goes away. You know you need to pick up the pieces and start over, but where do you start?

First, don’t panic. Second, use these tips to help you forge a new (and probably, better) path forward. Your new future is almost here!

Polish and Update Your Resume

Starting over after an unexpected job loss can make you feel less valued as a person, especially in the workforce. Now is the perfect time to get your resume updated and make it appeal to potential employers. On a positive note, consider all of the skills you’ve learned and acquired since being at your past jobs. Use these to showcase your skill-set on paper and polish your resume.

Pound the Pavement Right Away

Since your job is over, now is the perfect time to find a new one. Don’t hesitate. After your resume is updated, start presenting cover letters to potential employers and applying to jobs you want. Search local newspapers and popular job boards like ZipRecruiter.

Getting hired into a new job within 30 days of the last one helps keep your work history consistent. This is beneficial when applying for future jobs because it doesn’t show a big lapse in employment.

Unemployment Eligibility

If you were laid off or let go from your job, you may qualify for unemployment benefits. You must meet certain requirements and work credits, but as long as you do, you should be eligible. This is a temporary solution, but it will give you the opportunity to keep the money flowing into your bank account until you start a new job.

Attain New Skills

Been stuck in the same career for years? If so, you may need to explore some training options to be more appealing to potential employers. This means either going back to school or taking online courses to further your education.

If you are a dislocated worker, meaning you lost your job and you’re looking for a new one, you may be eligible for the Adults and Dislocated Workers Program. It offers valuable benefits that provide workforce training and help you get back work.

Starting over after a job loss can be frightening. Especially since you don’t know where your next paycheck will be coming from. The good news is, it’s never too late for a fresh start. Arm yourself with the essentials and you’ll have nowhere to go but up!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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