Your College Email Can Save You Money

Your College Email Can Save You Money
Your College Email Can Save You Money

Did you know just having a college email can help you save money?  Getting an education carries many benefits, the least of which is setting you up for career success so you have more money to spend on yourself . Graduating with high marks in a career that shows strong growth can help you live a better life with more financially stability.

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That isn’t the only financial benefit gained from attending school; just having a college email can save you  money, too. Thousands of retailers provide students with discounts if they sign up with a .EDU email; here’s how you can take advantage of five of the best deals. Sprint discounts, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Office, The New York Times, Sam’s Club and Zipcar are just some of the places where you can save money. Read the full article to learn the details.

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Sprint Discount Program

Need phone services? Sprint will give you a discount if you sign up for services with your .EDU email. If you need a smartphone or have a smartphone with Sprint already, you may be eligible. Be sure to check in regularly, as deals may change.

Amazon Prime

Signing up for Amazon Prime with a student email gives you sweet discounts on products, free two-day shipping, and a wealth of other benefits on partner websites like Twitch.

Best of all, students pay less for their memberships. You’ll get up to six months of your subscription totally free right from the start. Once you start paying, you’ll spend just $59 per year instead of the usual $119, as of 2018.

Microsoft Office

When you’re in school, you need reliable access to office products to help you take notes, write essays, and handle homework. Once you graduate, you likely need the same products to help you start your career — including creating resumes and cover letters.

Fortunately, Microsoft supports students by providing them with free access to the Microsoft Office platform, including MS Word, MS Excel, and Outlook. The catch? You only get access to online program versions, but they essentially work the same.

The New York Times (NYT)

Staying informed is a big part of staying competitive in your field, both when you’re a student and long after you graduate. You can get into the habit of understanding world issues and enjoy reading the morning paper cheaper if you sign up for a NYT subscription as a student. It’s just $1 a month, and you can keep it as long as you remain a student.

Prefer the Wall Street Journal? Great news: you can get that for just $1 with a student email, too. Just head over to the link and sign up.

Sam’s Club

Buying in bulk saves you money — which is exactly why many students head to Sam’s Club for deals. If you happen to shop in groups with friends, the savings can be dramatic, leaving you more money for adventures and bills.

Now, Sam’s Club is making it easier for you to afford life as long as you have a student email. Sign up for the organization’s collegiate membership and you’ll get a free $15 gift card as well as  other rewards.


Can’t afford a car? If you’re a student, Zipcar will help you access the wheels you need to get around by providing you with steep discounts on car-sharing services, including a $0 fee to sign up. Just enroll with your student email to get a $25 credit; student membership rates are just $15.

Thinking of going back to school? All the money you’ll save on discounts and services you’re probably already using is a significant motivator for many learners, but these examples are really just the beginning. Have a look around your town and you’ll most likely discover that most of your favorite businesses show appreciation for students, too!