Working From Home: Balance Work and Breaks

Working From Home: Balance Work and Breaks

( – For right now, working from home seems to be the norm for most people. With that comes along its own set of perks and drawbacks. It ranges from too much rest to extreme burnout. Is there an actual in-between? There is, and you can manage it. Here are some tips to find that perfect work-to-break balance and meet those deadlines with ease.

Have a “Working” Break

Maybe your breaks consist of playing a candy smashing game on your phone, and you mean to take only about 15 minutes, not an hour. There goes your break and your workload deadlines. Instead, set up working breaks.

When you take the time to step away, go do something productive like starting a load of laundry or doing the dishes in the sink. The movement will make you feel better, and it’s one more item to check off of your to-do list.

Get Hooked on a Timed System

There are several apps, including one called the Pomodoro Technique, that set up work intervals to help you manage your time. Experts recommend tackling big projects or even a day’s worth of work in smaller chunks can help you focus. When you’re focused, you stay on track and eliminate burnout.

Create a Schedule the Night Before

The workday is over, but not quite. Take a look at everything you didn’t get done today and add it to tomorrow’s agenda while it’s still fresh on your mind. In addition, now is the time to map out what deadlines are coming up for tomorrow and beyond. Jot them in your planner so you’re all ready to attack your to-do list bright and early.

Do Multiple Microbreaks

If you get sidetracked easily or have a chaotic workday with things popping up left and right, you need a break. Maybe not one or two, but several. Give yourself a few small microbreaks throughout the day. Even 10 minutes can help you recharge and get back on the path of productivity.

There is no wrong or right way to balance your workday at home, which may often feel unpredictable or chaotic. While it can have some awesome perks, dealing with at-home distractions like pets, kids and household management isn’t always easy. Find what works for you. It may be hit or miss for a while — but don’t worry, you’ve got this!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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