Real Talk — You Can Make Money Doing What You Love

Real Talk — You Can Make Money Doing What You Love

Whether high school graduation is just around the corner or retirement is looming, it’s never too late to ignite that inner spark. Making money from your passion isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Because everyone has a variety of skill sets and interests, there’s bound to be the perfect job or career out there. Learn what jobs you can get by taking your passion one step further.

When You Have an Eye for Style and Fashion

Are you obsessed with the latest outfits and hairstyles? A career awaits! Instead of wasting time working part-time at a local boutique, get a degree in fashion design or merchandising. From there, turn that artistic drive into a personalized brand and following.

Born With a Creative Mind

Been scribbling poems on paper since first learning how to write? Generating short stories and poetry may be lucrative and self-rewarding. Self-publishing is always an option, but so is furthering education with a degree in English, journalism or creative writing. Having a degree along with a drive to read, write and create can open the doors to becoming an author, editor, blogger or librarian.

Finding Horticulture Happiness

Being fascinated with nature and the plant world is something you can take a step further to enrich your life and make a visible change. Studying plant life and soil may sound humdrum to some, but others visualize a true art form in pairing up perennials, annuals and trees to make a statement. With a horticulture degree, individuals can become professional landscapers and floral designers.

A Real Passion for Pets

Animals can be man’s best friend, forming unbreakable bonds that can last a lifetime. For pet lovers who want to make an impact in the lives of animals, there are many fields to consider:

  • Veterinarian or vet tech.
  • Rescue organization development.
  • Doggie daycare and kennel management.
  • Canine specialty training including K-9 units and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

If it brings self-fulfillment a solid paycheck, it’s a win, win!

Making a Positive Environmental Change

Wanting to help Mother Earth is a big job to take on. But it’s small steps in the right direction that really make an impact. A degree in environmental engineering, geoscience or marine biology barely scratch the surface of career options. From there, running a non-profit or working for a government agency can make you feel accomplished while padding that bank account in the process.

To find jobs or new opportunities, don’t be afraid to connect with others who work in a field of mutual interest. Life is too short to be stuck in a dead-end job. Making money doing something that satisfies the soul is the best career anyone could ask for.