How Legit Is “Color Therapy” and How Can You Use It?

How Legit Is

The benefits of color therapy are being touted everywhere these days. While using colors as a way of helping yourself feel your best is nothing new, perhaps you’re wondering if there’s really anything more to it. Look more closely at color therapy and how you can use it to your advantage.

Understanding Color Therapy

Color therapy has New Age beginnings, although there is scientific basis to chromotherapy, or using colors to heal. Color therapy is normally used for physical and emotional issues, with every color of the rainbow carrying their own healing properties. Wearing the color blue can help calm people, for example, while a color such as yellow claims to help heal the digestive tract. Even if you’re not into New Age practices, there are still ways you can take advantage of the power of color.

Color Therapy in Fashion

Since colors can influence how people feel, it stands to reason the colors you wear can have similar effects. Suppose you want to feel powerful and in charge before going into a big meeting. Wearing a bold color like red may show others you mean business.

Color can work on a personal level too. If you find a particular color makes you feel happiest, it makes sense to incorporate more of it into your wardrobe. Think about what colors look good with your hair, eyes and skin tone. Next, consider which ones you like to wear the most. Trying out different colors and adding to what you’d normally wear can help your look your best, which in turn can do wonders for your overall mood and sense of wellbeing.

Using Colors to Help You Feel Confident and Powerful in Life

Color therapy sounds tricky at first if you don’t know how to utilize it. It helps to know what shades of your favorite colors look best on you. Many people have turned to Color Me Beautiful to find out what their “season” is, or which shades complement them best based on hair and skin tone. If you’re still learning, this can be a helpful way to work color to your advantage.

Color therapy might sound like a strange New Age phenomenon, but there may be more to it than vibes and woo-woo science. Recent interest has encouraged people to see how they can use color therapy in their lives, including how they dress and present themselves to others. See how you can incorporate color in new ways to improve how you look and feel.

~Here’s to Your Success!