Could You Eat With Just $5 a Day In NYC?

With famous restaurants and takeout galore, New York City has some of the best quality food in the US. But of course, this also comes with a high price tag. The average NYC resident spends $471.34 a month, about $15.20 a day. That’s significantly higher than the national average grocery budget of $324.20 a month.

But test kitchen manager June Xie from Delish found a way around this, cutting her spending down to just $5 a day. 

How is that possible?

I Lived On A $5 A Day Budget For A Week In New York City 

The Challenge

Using some budget-friendly ingredients and resourceful recipes, Xie created healthy meals that are enjoyable and guilt-free. She carefully plans each meal that she’ll have during the week and that proactive thoughtfulness helped her make better food choices that support a $5 daily budget. 

Eating At Home

When you’re surrounded by the convenience of drive-throughs and the luxury of sit-down restaurants, it can be tempting to spend your paycheck on quick eats. But cooking at home with carefully planned meals can save you a lot of money in the long run. Statistics show that you end up spending 325% more when you eat out versus staying in. 

Tips & Tricks

According to June Xie from Delish, there are a few helpful tips that will allow you to have greater success in saving money while grocery shopping.

Leftovers are often overlooked and thrown away after a day or two, but Xie claims that leftovers are a goldmine for new meals. They can be reinvented into new dishes and reheated with even better flavor than they originally had. She also encourages home chefs to utilize spices as much as possible, adding a little extra flavor and excitement to otherwise dull dishes. 
The bottom line is to be resourceful and be creative with what you have. You don’t need a big kitchen or fancy tools to make some good meals that keep your body and wallet happy. All you need is a few simple ingredients, a forward-thinking grocery plan that avoids waste, and an imaginative approach to the food you eat.