6 Ways Imposter Syndrome Lies to You

6 Ways Imposter Syndrome Lies to You

(PowerInEmail.com) – Approximately 70% of the population experiences impostor syndrome at one time or another, according to NBC News. It can hold you back at work and may even cause your aspirations to crumble around you. But that’s only if you don’t do anything about it. Imposter syndrome is easy to tackle once you identify it. Until then, it can lie to you, and you may believe everything it says.

Other People Don’t Have It

Imposter syndrome makes you feel like a fraud, like someone made a mistake by hiring you. It also tells you that you’re alone in how you feel, even when that’s far from the truth. As mentioned above, the vast majority of people experience imposter syndrome at some point in their life. Entrepreneur reports that numerous famous people, including David Bowie, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga and Maya Angelou, have experienced imposter syndrome.

You Can’t Contribute Anything Useful

It’s decision-making time, but your imposter syndrome says you can’t contribute anything useful. It keeps you sitting in the back of the room with your mouth clamped shut. Your great idea — and it IS a good one — is a lump in your throat. This is the perfect time to defy your imposter syndrome. You have good ideas. You may even have the solution to the problem at hand. Nobody will ever know unless you speak up.

Any Accomplishment You Made Was Pure Luck

What about the times you were right or solved the problem? Your imposter syndrome will likely tell you it was pure luck. If you let it, imposter syndrome will have you believing you’ve never accomplished anything legitimately — but it isn’t true! Your thoughts, ideas and solutions are valid, and they work. Nobody gets “lucky” that often. If you’ve accomplished anything, it’s because you had what it took to make it happen.

Your Boss and Coworkers Are Lying to You

If your boss and coworkers are singing your praises, believe them. Imposter syndrome will tell you they’re only doing it to be kind, but they don’t have the time or energy for that. In fact, in a Harvard Business Review survey, 37% of bosses said they avoid giving positive feedback to their employees. In a world where bosses and managers are more likely to criticize than praise, you can trust the positive feedback you’re receiving.

Everything Will Crumble Eventually

You’re building a house on a foundation of sand. At least, that’s what imposter syndrome wants you to believe. It will try to convince you that you’re going to be found out, that everything will crumble eventually. But it won’t! You are deserving. You should be exactly where you’re at.

You Can’t Let Anyone Know

Imposter syndrome wants you to be isolated; it doesn’t want you to seek help or get past it. It will tell you that you have a terrible secret, one no one else can know. You’ll only get past this once you recognize it and take steps to silence the lies. Consider speaking to a trusted confidant, therapist or even your boss. Never be afraid to give voice to your fears, as it only makes them smaller.

You can combat imposter syndrome by changing your internal dialogue. Instead of playing “I can’t do this” on an internal loop, change it to “I’m good at my job.” It may take time to change your negative thoughts to positive ones, so don’t get discouraged. Each time you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself or your performance, change the dialogue. Eventually, you’ll chase all of those negative thoughts away.

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