What Does Your Sleep Position Tell You?

What Does Your Sleep Position Tell You?

(PowerInEmail.com) – Sleep. Ahh, a time to refresh and rejuvenate. Getting those 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night is something to strive for. Even a nap or two can help boost energy if you need some pep in your step. Did you know that how you sleep, or the position you prefer, could also tell a lot about your inner self? Find out what it may mean for you.

Log Style

Do you feel you’re a true social butterfly? Always wanting to hang out with pals and have fun? There’s a good chance you sleep in the log style sleep position. Your hands are always down to your sides while asleep. While you are a free spirit, you may be gullible and fall prey to others’ hidden agendas. On a good night, log style is one of the most comfortable positions and can help with uninterrupted sleep.


Sleeping in this position could mean you’re introverted, sensitive and shy. Your goal is to protect yourself. You may have a tough exterior, but just the opposite is on the inside. Because the fetal position aligns to the natural curvature to your spine, you may have fewer back problems than others.

The Soldier

Are you quiet and reserved? You may be a “soldier.” This means you sleep flat on your back with your arms to your sides. You hold yourself to extremely high standards and expect the same in return from others. There may be a medical benefit to the soldier. While on your back all night, you can avoid oil buildup on your face, reducing your chance of acne, and you may also slow the progression of some wrinkles.

The Starfish

Starfish love to lie on their stomachs or backs while spread out across the bed, carefree and basking in comfort. You might not use a pillow, but if you do, it’s soft and thin. Being sprawled out in a starfish position means you are selfless and giving. You love to help a friend, and everyone comes to you with their problems.

What position are you? Or do you fall into several categories? Either way, you could learn more about yourself by looking at your personality and sleep patterns. There’s a lot to take away from how you fall asleep. Examine it closely and open up your mind to what your body language could be telling you.

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