Career Paths for Women and Gender Studies Majors

Career Paths for Women and Gender Studies Majors
Career Paths for Women and Gender Studies Majors

Women’s and Gender Studies major is considered a relatively new career option providing students with a new and unique view of today’s ever evolving social structures as well as past and current oppressions and forms of injustices. Because this major falls under the liberal arts categories, graduates have many options for employment due to their enhanced writing and critical thinking skills. If you choose this path, you can expect to explore these career paths along the way.

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While Women’s and Gender Studies seems like it might be considered a highly specialized field of study, the liberal arts categorization it falls under leaves graduates with a litany of potential career paths after graduation. Learn more about the careers people in this field may choose to pursue, such as clergy, social work, political aide, or journalism, in this informative guide.

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Some students who start with Women’s and Gender Studies find themselves searching for a faith-based career path. If you are in touch with your inner spirituality and enjoy making a difference in your community, this can be a highly rewarding long-term path for you. Your understanding of race, culture, and social class will give you a unique perspective as you work to learn to serve the communities in which you live. Clergy make a mean annual wage of $50,800.

Victim’s Advocate or Social Worker

Your keen understanding of sexuality, gender, social classes, and cultures will put you in a good position to guide and advocate for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and even hate crimes. You’ll be able to offer emotional support while helping your clients find the information and resources they need to rebuild their lives. Depending on your study focus, you may also support your clients in court. Victim’s advocates earn about an average of $37,000 a year, while some of the highest paid social workers can earn up to almost $80,000.

Congressional Aide and Other Political Careers

You don’t necessarily need to be a political science major to end up in politics. Women’s and Gender Studies Majors have excellent written and oral communication skills and a strong ability to analyze and summarize information. Political aides and candidates need to have a firm grasp on today’s social issues. Salaries can vary depending on which area of politics you choose.


Your skills with the written word and your understanding of the world around you may just make you an incredible journalist. You’ll be able to analyze current life situations while contrasting and comparing them to the past. This type of insight will prove valuable when it comes to making the world aware of the inequities around us, and the information you share could serve as a catalyst for real change. If you decide to go into this career, you can expect to earn about an average salary of $38,000.

As the field of gender studies continues to evolve and grow, so do the career opportunities available to those who choose it. Graduates have gone into medicine, teaching, film production, art, union workers, public relations, and so much more. Best of all, it’s possible to start studying for this and similar degrees online, without needing to be accepted by a brick and mortar university. Take today to explore your options!