These Websites Will Do Your Homework for You

do your homework

Let’s face it- no one likes homework. Whether you’re in high school or college, homework can be a mental challenge and a major obstacle in your schedule. It can become exhausting, especially if it’s just busywork.

Although homework will always be necessary, it doesn’t always have to be a headache. There are now apps and websites designed specifically to help you get through your homework. Some of these sites will even do your homework for you!


EduBirdie allows you to browse and hire writers for your project. There are hundreds of writers equipped and available to write nearly any paper. EduBirdie has an intense hiring process that only leaves exceptional writers in their arsenal. You could easily hire someone with a Ph.D. to create the perfect essay. 

They double-check every paper for plagiarism and grammatical errors, so you can be sure that it’s original work. If hiring someone to write your essay or speech for you feels too odd, you can always hire someone to edit your work instead. These professional writers would be a good resource for revising your papers before submitting them.


Photomath is a popular app for parents, teachers, and students alike. The app allows you to take a picture of any math problem and get step-by-step instructions on how to complete it successfully. You can take photos of textbooks, worksheets, or even hand-written equations to access these convenient features. 

If you struggle with math or are simply not a fan of the subject, Photomath is for you. Imagine how much more you could learn if you had a virtual assistant walking you through each step of the problem when you get stuck!

Answers-Homework Help

Another excellent app for homework help is Answers. The app gives you access to a wealth of answers to your specific questions for free. It has the answers to over 100 Million homework questions and counting!

Not only can you find homework solutions, but you can also browse study guides, flashcards, and step-by-step explanations. Even if your specific question isn’t on the website, you can ask a whole community of fellow users for the answer. 


Bartleby is a great tool for learning. It can help you answer your homework questions and proofread your work. This learning outlet is an organized and efficient way to dive deeper into what you are studying. 

They offer millions of textbook solutions, 24/7 on-demand expert help, a virtual writing center, and online tutors. Bartleby is an advanced way to study if you’re looking to grow in understanding and efficiency. 

If your homework leaves you stuck on each question, it might be time to reach out to help outside of your teacher. These apps are a great way to learn in your way and on your time. You can learn to become an A+ student if you use the right tools to help you learn and get your schoolwork done. 

Of course if you’d rather do it properly then consider our article Tips for getting your homework done efficiently and effectively and staying motivated!