5 Home Hacks for a Better, More Affordable Life

These days, many people are looking for ways to save money and live better. Some home improvements, gadgets, and upgrades can cost a fortune, which can put a damper on the pocketbook. Thanks to a little DIY ingenuity and a few helpful hacks, everyday life can become a lot easier. It starts at home. Check out these incredible tips and start putting those extra bucks you’ll save away for a rainy day. 

1. Organize With Paper Towel Rolls

Does your recycling bin quickly fill up with used paper towels or toilet paper rolls? If your family buys a lot for household use, find a way to reuse them instead of pitching them. One way is to create an organizing cubby inside a box. 

Choose your box size and then measure the width. Stack the empty rolls horizontally and glue them together side by side. This is a great way to store everyday household items, including cords, pens, and smaller items that may get stuck in a junk drawer. It’s an affordable alternative to those expensive organizers from big box stores. 

2. Pool Noodles Are for More Than Just Floating

Have some extra pool noodles stuck in the garage storage? They can come in handy around the house. Making a slit on one side will create an opening to stick on ladders to protect your shins. Or slide one on a hanger, which will prevent a crease in your pants when you hang them up. Some other good uses:

  • Holding fishing poles upright
  • Protecting the door from making contact with the wall
  • SUV luggage rack protector to prevent scratching 
  • Computer wrist rest (cut in half)

Pool noodles are affordable and recyclable. While similar gadgets are available online or in hardware stores, using this simple trick can be helpful on the wallet. 

3. Keep a Large Tarp on Hand 

Almost every homeowner has one lying around: an extra tarp that may even have a small hole or two. Don’t pitch it yet. It can serve as a multipurpose tool around the house, especially outdoors. 

Ready to weed the garden? Pull the tarp nearby and dispose of the weeds on it for a lightweight way to clean up the mess. Use it in lieu of a wheelbarrow when transporting rocks, dirt, or mulch. 

Want a dig- and weed-free garden? Lay the tarp anywhere and just cover it with soil, then add plants. These lightweight barriers also work as a way to cover and protect tender annuals from frost. 

4. Make Your Home Super Smart

Smart technology is taking over. While the initial investment for programmable thermostats and smart hub connectors can be a little pricey, they’ll save you money as the years go by. 

If it’s time to change out old appliances, like a hot water heater or a dishwasher, choose Energy Star models to save on costs. Connecting your entire house with a smart hub will help limit the amount of electricity you’ll use throughout the year and return that savings to your pocket. 

5. Weatherproof for Comfort

Another way to save money on the home front is to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. This starts with weatherproofing drafty door jambs and window leaks. Investing in spray-foam, rolled, or blown-in insulation can keep your home airtight and comfortable, even during the hot months. Consistent indoor temps mean your HVAC unit works less.

There are countless hacks and ways to reuse, recycle and save all around the home. We may see new gadgets and tools regularly, but there are cheaper hacks you can use to save money. It’s all about living your best life and putting away funds for the future.