How COVID-19 Impacts College Enrollment

How COVID-19 Impacts College Enrollment

( – The pandemic has truly changed our lives. Many people have lost jobs, businesses and tons of money. But one sector of the population has been hit especially hard: future college students. As colleges and universities cut back on enrollment or slashed classes altogether, many college-bound individual’s dreams went up in smoke. Here are a few ways COVID has affected college enrollment.

No Guidance Staff

One of the biggest impacts regarding college enrollment is the lack of staff on campus or on call centers. Many first-time students rely on picking up the phone and speaking with an admissions counselor to find out general questions about their degree, classes and cost of tuition. Lack of staff can frustrate new enrollees.

Some schools offer online services to answer general questions and customer service consultations. The problem is some inquiries require further information and feedback. When students don’t get answers, they give up.

Learning Disabilities

Campus closings and schools switching to online-only classes can have a challenging impact on enrollment for learning disabled adults. Some students with learning disabilities require help when it comes to signing up for classes or learning how to maneuver through online platforms.

Tutors and note takers are likely unavailable, so these students may hold off on enrolling until after the coronavirus is contained and a sense of normalcy returns.

Low-Income Hit Hardest

Many students on fixed budgets rely on scholarships and financial aid just to go through school. If they are only getting minimal amounts of aid or assistance, according to Best Colleges, they may have to hold off on enrolling during the pandemic.

They may not have funds set aside to pay for daily living expenses either. If they can’t attend classes full time, some aid programs may not be available. This makes low-income students vulnerable to holding off on enrollment.

Forced to Work

Some students may have to choose to go to work just to make ends meet in their household. This could be a direct result of some family members losing their jobs because of the novel coronavirus. This can make attending classes and juggling a part-time job too stressful. The result is to put a college degree on hold until the economy picks back up and people go back to work.

COVID-19 has delivered a tremendous blow to the economy, especially to those trying to better their lives through education. If you are enrolled in classes and your school is open with limited restrictions, you’re one of the lucky ones. If not, be assured that things will return to normal soon and you can claim your seat at the front of the class!

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