The Earth Perseveres — You Can, Too

The Earth Perseveres -- You Can, Too

( – Do you sometimes feel lost in this big world? Feeling like a speck of dirt and having difficulty climbing to the top? It’s okay to feel tiny and lost amid a series of setbacks. From not making the honor roll to not landing your dream job, don’t be discouraged. The Earth perseveres, and you can too!

Clarify Your Goals

To overcome and persevere, you need to be crystal clear on what your goals are, according to Business 2 Community. If you feel you’re not making the mark in work or at school, it could be because your goals are not clearly set. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What can I make better now? More study time?
  • What specifically do I need to do to reach my goal?

Whether it’s acing your next exam, getting a raise at work or losing that last 25 pounds, being clear on what you’re striving for will give you the incentive to persevere.

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

We can learn a lot from Mother Earth when it comes to persevering. Take the Somali sengi, for example. It’s a species of elephant shrew that’s recently been rediscovered in Africa. The little, wide-eyed creature has not been seen since 1973. It’s weathered many storms and lost track of itself for decades.

Just like the shrew, you can make your big comeback too! This starts by acknowledging what you’ve already accomplished in life. Counting past accomplishments can give you the incentive to slam your existing goals and finish what you started out to do.

Maintain a Sense of Optimism

Getting knocked down in life can leave you wanting to crawl into bed and escape your problems. It’s easy to give up. But there is more reward by pushing through problems — both big and small.

To truly rise above the ashes, you must remain hopeful and optimistic that there are better days ahead. Just like Earth, the one certainty is that everything rejuvenates and comes back anew in the spring.

Be Open to New Experiences

Following the same path over and over can generally lead to the same results, says Inc. If you’re not moving forward, this could be why. Be open to try new things. This includes taking a walk down a different path or talking and sharing hopes and dreams with a different group of friends.

Everyone has something to offer, and understanding that can open your mind to new ideas that can carry you in a different direction. The Earth has many roads to follow, next time, try a different path. You’ll see things differently.

The Earth is always changing from season to season. Life is an ever-evolving process. You can be whoever you want and live the life you deserve. It starts with accepting the rejuvenation available in your life. You don’t have to settle. Proceed in a different direction and you’ll be amazed the places you’ll go!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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