Get Paid to Find Friends Work with Job Spotter

Get Paid to Find Friends Work with Job Spotter

Seeing a friend struggle with finances because of a job loss can be devastating. You want to help, but how? One way is to help them find a job as quickly as possible, and you can do just that with the Job Spotter app. Job Spotter lets you take pictures of help-wanted ads, all while earning a few extra rewards for yourself. Find out if Job Spotter is right for you.

Quick Read:
Use your phone to find jobs for friends and get a little extra treat for yourself. It’s as easy as snapping photos and uploading them to the Job Spotter server. The more distinct the job type, the better the rewards. It’s like a job posting treasure hunt. Check out more on this fun and easy side gig below.

Earn Awesome Rewards and Explore New Opportunities RIGHT NOW.

What Is Job Spotter?

Job Spotter helps you locate local jobs that aren’t advertised in the paper or online, but only appear in-house. This could be an ad posted on the front window of a small boutique in town or shared on an employee bulletin board. Simply snap a quality photo of the job post and a photo of the front of the building and submit it. The jobs will be listed on Indeed, an employment search website.

How Do I Apply?

Once you install the app, you’re ready to go. You don’t need any special skills or other requirements to start earning. Just enter your basic personal information and create an account to get started. You’ll need a phone that takes good-quality pictures and has enough speed to upload in a timely manner.

What About Getting Paid?

Job Spotter pays in the form of a point system. The average photo pays between 10 and 100 points. When you rack up 100 points, you’ll earn $1 toward an Amazon gift card. The more points you accumulate, the larger the card balance. You won’t get any monetary return, but you can use the card to purchase items and games.

What Kinds of Jobs Does Job Spotter Pay For?

Job Spotter is looking for ads posted at private businesses as opposed to big box stores and popular retail outlets. You will still get points for those postings, just not as much. They are looking for jobs that are less likely to be listed in the classified section or on large public domain sites.

Tips for Success

Follow these tips for a successful Job Spotter experience:

  • Take clear pictures and make sure the images have uploaded properly before leaving the area.
  • Transportation is important for this job, but you can do a lot of searching on foot.
  • Snap photos of job postings while already running errands in town to save gas and time.
  • Don’t include people in the photos you snap, as Job Spotter will likely decline them.
  • Look for small business ads or businesses that don’t place multiple employment ads on social media.
  • Avoid submitting ads for get-rich-quick schemes or multilevel marketing companies.
  • Choose handwritten or in-house job postings, as they tend to bring in the most points.
  • You can’t submit the same posting twice within a month.

Not only will you be helping your friends locate employment opportunities, you’ll be helping small businesses in your area get the word out through Indeed. If you’re looking for a way to help your pals and save up for something to buy through Amazon, this may be the opportunity for you.

~Here’s to Your Success