Improving Your Time Management Skills

Improving Your Time Management Skills

( – Completing a job well done doesn’t always come easy for everyone. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work involved. Deadlines can be hard to grasp for some people, leaving procrastination at the forefront. Do you have the same problem? If so, the buck stops here. Here are some ways to improve your time management skills.

What’s the End Goal?

Improving time management skills starts with setting a goal. Need to finish a large-scale building plan project by Friday at noon? Write it down. This will be the headline on the top of every page of your work plan going forward.

From there, you will implement what jobs need to be done in between now and then. They may range from simple to complex. You may even require some outside assistance to bring this goal to fruition. Consider all of this as you embark on the project.

Break It Into Small Chunks

Now that you have the end goal in sight and all the required tasks to complete it, it’s time to put your time management skills to work. Make a list of the jobs and break down the big ones into smaller chunks. This can make it seem like you’re breezing through, hitting each and every time stamp along the way. It’s a great alternative to tackling a huge task all at once.

Map It Out on Paper

Who needs to do what and when? As a project manager, you have a lot to stay on top of. While you’re brainstorming and putting the final touches on the project, map out who will be doing what. Create an outline of tasks and the dates they need to be completed by. If there are other people working on the project, give them each a copy.

If you have trouble meeting goals, instill another person as your own project manager to make you accountable. Give them a copy of the goals and time stamps so they ensure you stay on task.

Use a Time-Tracking Tool

Consider downloading a time-tracking app through the app store on your phone. It serves as a gentle reminder of upcoming duties and tasks that are due.

The Pomodoro Technique is a different kind of time-tracking tool. It cuts work into 25-minute chunks with small breaks in between. It’s a great method to implement into your workday moving forward.

We could all tweak our time management skills here and there. Some days are full of productivity, while others drag behind a little. The goal is to keep the eye on the prize — turning that project in on time. It just takes a series of steps to get there. Eliminate burnout and distractions. The time has come to create a better work-life balance.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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