Get Paid Big With These High-Paying Trade Degrees

With an ever-changing economy, many people are searching for a career with progressive growth. The trade and manufacturing industries both have plenty to offer to ambitious individuals. Companies are on the hunt for employees who offer a specific skill-set and bring unique expertise to the table. You can benefit by choosing one of these skilled trade degrees. 

Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver

For people who enjoy being on the open road, this is the career for you. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of truck driving, but you’ll also deliver goods. This job averages around $26 an hour to start, but there are many incentives for growth. Many companies will train you, so you can get your certificate at low or no cost. 


A trade degree in electrical work offers a great deal of growth. It requires a mix of classroom and on-the-job training. Starting as an apprentice, you’ll learn the fundamentals of electrical components and design. It does take a while to get licensed as an electrician, but you can earn money while training. Expect to average around $50k a year to start.

Home Inspector

With the current real estate boom, being a home inspector is a great opportunity. This trade requires a minimal amount of training and focuses on giving you the skills needed to inspect a structure and the surrounding property. 

This class will teach you how to generate inspection reports and learn the proper verbiage related to the industry standards. After the course, you’ll take the test and then apply for licensure. From there, you can start earning on average $70k a year. Work is available as an independent contractor, so the income potential is high. 

Wind Turbine Tech

The clean energy industry is unmistakably in top demand. Large wind turbines are scattered around rural areas across the country. The good news is, more are popping up each day. The great news? Technicians are needed to service and repair these mammoth machines. 

Take a course or earn a degree to become a qualified tech who knows the ins and outs of how this type of clean energy works. Median pay is around $56k a year.


Getting a degree in heating and air conditioning is a beneficial move for a bright future. Businesses are looking for qualified technicians who can keep up with industry trends and fix old units as well. To become an expert in this field, you can start off with training at a trade school or community college. 

From there, you can obtain an apprenticeship with a certificate and advance to an associate’s degree, if desired. The pay range varies, but on average, expect to make around $24 an hour. If working on furnaces and air conditioning units in residential homes and businesses interests you, this may be a great career option. 

Trade schools are an inexpensive way to launch your career or enhance your current knowledge base. The convenience factor of local schools or online course options makes it easy for busy adults to reach their educational goals in a reasonable time frame. Take a glance at the local job ads. Are there a lot of high-paying positions that you aren’t qualified for? No problem. Get signed up for some classes and further your education while enhancing your lifestyle.