Full Cart Emergency Food Assistance

Full Cart Emergency Food Assistance

(PowerInEmail.com) – Times are tough for many people these days. From being in between work to waiting for unemployment benefits to kick in, sometimes getting a nutritious meal goes to the wayside. The good news is help is available. One program, called Full Cart, teams up with state and community resources to bring relief to those in need. Here’s how it works.

Help for Qualified Individuals

If you’re experiencing a financial change in your household, especially due to COVID-19, consider applying for a Full Cart package. Start by filling out an application that will ask you questions about your household demographics and annual income.

From there, information will be cross-referenced and verified. You should receive a response from Full Cart in a few days notifying you of your qualification status. If approved, you can hop onto the web page and start choosing foods that meet your family’s needs. The box should arrive three to five days later.

What’s Included In a Package?

The goal of this company is to keep hunger pangs at bay. Full Cart focuses on non-perishable foods with a long shelf life.

Examples include:

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Oatmeal
  • Grains and cereals
  • Canned goods

Each package contains up to 65 meal servings, but they can differ depending on how many people are in your household. There is also an option for fresh fruit and veggies. However, this isn’t available in every location because of high-demand.

Will It Feed My Entire Family?

Full Cart strives to make sure every family is fed, but the goal is to supplement your daily meal intake. Its main focus is to take the burden off of buying canned goods and other non-perishables so you can focus your main food budget on other foods like meat, dairy and bread. You’re still encouraged to apply for other food and financial aid to see if you qualify.

Does It Need to Be Paid Back?

The biggest question for many people is if they have to pay anything back? The answer is no, but you are encouraged to make a donation at any time if able. Because Full Cart relies solely on donations from food banks and grants, any help is appreciated.

No one likes to acknowledge they need financial help, let alone food assistance. But because of economic and personal setbacks, times are unprecedented. The good news is that Full Cart can fill your cupboards in a discreet manner, so you don’t have to venture out to food banks and soup kitchens if you don’t want to. The help is there, embrace it and know that there is a light of hope for the future!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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