5 Ways to Make Money from Home

5 Ways to Make Money from Home
5 Ways to Make Money from Home

You’re an introvert – or you live in the country. Or, maybe you just want to spend more time with your family. Either way, you still need to make a living, and working from home can help you bridge the gap between your need for income and your desire to stay at home. In this post, you’ll learn about five killer careers you can start almost immediately without ever stepping a foot side.

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Not everyone enjoys working in a store, at an office, or even just among other people every day. Fortunately, the Internet is making it easier than ever to make money from home without ever stepping foot outside. Jobs like virtual assisting, remote customer service work, online teaching, data entry, and video transcription allow you to work from your own house (or anywhere else) while making a fair wage. Use the list below to learn how you can find good jobs with just a click of your mouse.

Make Money from Home With These Five Remote Careers.

Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $22,000 Per Year

Do you love being online and have a knack for logistics? Consider becoming a virtual assistant to make the most of these skills. Your duties will include website maintenance, appointment setting, and social media management.

Companies like Time Etc, Assistant Match, and VirtualAssistants.com, specialize in helping people find jobs as virtual assistants. Starting pay may be low, but there’s plenty of room for advancement later on.

Remote Customer Service Representative

Average Pay: $36,859 Per Year

If you’re good with people and love to chat on the phone or online, you can flex these soft skills for greater good by becoming a remote customer service representative (CSR). Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Hulu need upbeat individuals just like you to help keep their customers happy and solve occasional problems.

Remote CSRs may work from home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t skilled. If you choose this path, you will still need to hone your communication and problem-solving skills, as well as having the confidence to interact with people regularly.

Online Teacher or Tutor

Average Pay: $26,019 per year

Do you love kids or have a passion for teaching? As the world of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, demand for online teachers and tutors is increasing by leaps and bounds. Demand is so high that some programs will consider you with little or no teaching experience.

Where might you work? Apply to teach English through Cambly, or tutor children in your spare time through Tutor.com. Or, if you have a Master’s degree and some teaching experience, consider applying for a job at Tutor Visa.

Data Entry

Average Pay: $31,153 Per Year

If you’re looking for simple, entry-level work you can do from home, consider working in data entry. Websites like Indeed.com and Upwork can match you with the right data entry job. This may not seem like the most exciting career to a person who is easily bored and distracted, but it can be a significant source of income.

Video Transcriber

Average Pay: $15.20 per hour

If you have fast typing skills, you may have the right qualifications to become a video transcriber. People with little to no experience can apply at Rev.com or GMR Transcription. If legal or police transcription interests you more, check out Net Transcripts — but you should also be prepared to pass a background check when you do. If you have experience transcribing, consider applying at Verbal Ink or Allegis Transcription.

Regardless of your education or skill level, a little bit of dedication and research can help you find the right remote job. You’ll need a good Internet connection, and some companies will require you to have a dedicated work area and additional hardware or software. Enter an online degree program today to start your path to at-home employment; the online world needs people like you!