8 Most Bizarre Ways to Pay for School

8 Most Bizarre Ways to Pay for School
8 Most Bizarre Ways to Pay for School

Working through college doesn’t have to be impossible. You just need to know how to get creative with how you rake in the cash. Balance school, life, and bills with these eight unexpected ways to make money.

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Tuition is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should be drowning in student loan debt. Participate in clinical trials, be an art model, work with a temp agency,or enjoy one of these other incredible-yet-strange options to balloon your bank account. Ready to get started? Read on to get the strange-but-true truth about paying for school.

 Get Paid to Go to School With These Bizarre and Crazy Methods:

Sell Your Body

Not like that!

Clinical trials are constantly recruiting people to test out new treatments. Participants can make anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the type of test and how long it lasts.

Alternatively, you might try posing for an art class. These jobs are shockingly simple to find, too; just check with your local art school or on your favorite job board. That said, be wary of Craigslist “art model jobs.” Never go anywhere alone, and don’t force yourself to do something you’re uncomfortable with just for money. Your happiness and safety should be your top priority.

Work With a Temp Agency

Temp agencies aren’t just for long-term employment. Most agents have clients who only want to work day-to-day jobs, reporting somewhere new every morning for a full workload or just a few hours. You can work with your point of contact to establish the days you’re free, and get a call whenever they have availability.

Flip Domains

Buy popular website names and sell them later for profit. It’s easier than you think, and if you’re lucky, can be extremely profitable. Domains can and have sold for millions of dollars. This is something simple you can do in your spare time, and can pay huge dividends.

Sell Your Pictures

If you’re artistic and love photography, your hobby can start working for you. Websites are constantly looking for stock images to use on their websites, in promotional campaigns, on social media, and more. Sell your photos and have something you were doing for free start making you money.

Go Shopping

Buy things, make money? It’s easy, and can be very lucrative. Become a mystery shopper. Companies want to know how their stories are doing in-person, or how their products are being displayed. Sign up with your preferred agency, and you can start making thousand a year just by shopping.

Start Investing

Investing might seem out of reach, but there are many apps available that want to help you get started with just $5. Stash, Acorns, and Robin Hood are just a few. Get started today, and you can have your money working for you by tomorrow.

Live Your Law & Order Dreams As a Mock Juror

Everyone needs practice, even lawyers working on a case. Work from home on your schedule by becoming a mock juror. You’ll hear arguments, review evidence, and give feedback. Companies pay anywhere from $10 to $60 an hour for your time.

Become a Virtual Handyman or Handywoman

TaskRabbit and Thumbtack are just two places people can go to make extra cash. If you’re particularly good at building Ikea furniture, or don’t mind helping people run errands, you can sign up and start making money. These websites will help you connect with people in your area who need help, and are willing to pay.

College is expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your degree. This list of eight strange ways to make money can help you pay your bills and tuition fees. The best part is, you can get started today.