5 PC Shortcuts You Should Know

5 PC Shortcuts You Should Know

(PowerInEmail.com) – Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time on the computer? With everything from trying to delete an error to generating a new window, you can lose precious seconds just going about your day. Check out these time-savvy hotkey methods and instantly become more efficient as you work.

How to Redo

There is nothing worse than a slip of the finger, and before you know it, you’ve deleted all the hard work you just put in. While you can try to press the undo button, it doesn’t always work, especially if there is no auto-save installed in the program. The hotkey solution? Press Ctrl + Y for Windows or command + Y for Mac. Then you can just go on about your work.

Delete Files Permanently

Did you know that when you just hit delete to eliminate a pesky file, it’s still saved on your computer? To completely eradicate data from your hard drive, try this: Highlight your files, then press shift and delete. For Mac users with OS X, try using option, command and delete.

Minimize All Windows

Sometimes you need to minimize the windows you’re working in, and FAST! Try pressing the Windows logo key and then M. If you have a Mac, try control, command and M. This offers a quick way to clear up your screen or get things wrapped up before the boss pops back in to see you were playing Candy Crush.

Recently Closed Tab

When you’re in the middle of a project in Google Chrome, and you have a tight deadline, you need everything to be working at a steady pace. Then boom! You lose a tab with all of your resources and vital data. All you need to do is memorize this control: shift and T; Mac users can use command, shift and T.

Go Incognito

Sometimes you just want to fly under the radar. That’s where incognito mode comes in handy. You can typically click in the upper right-hand corner to switch, or you can quickly use these hotkeys: control, shift +N; for the Mac, use command, shift and N.

If you’re looking to save time and be more tech savvy, start using some keyboard shortcuts! This will boost productivity, and you’ll be completing tasks in a breeze. The best part is you can share this with others and help them become lightning-fast computer task rabbits too!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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