5 Careers for People Who Love Animals

5 Careers for People Who Love Animals
5 Careers for People Who Love Animals

Lions, and tigers, and bears…oh my! Or, maybe kittens and puppies? Whatever type of animal you love the most, there’s a fun animal care career available to match it. Explore five of the most popular options and find out just how lucrative and exciting these careers can be in this fun list.

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Are you a gentle soul who has a strong connection with animals? We have great news: you can take advantage of your love for animals with a career in the animal care industry. In this short guide, we’ll explore what it’s like to be a veterinarian, pet groomer, veterinary technician, animal trainer, and wildlife biologist. Get important info about job descriptions, annual salary, and education requirements, all right here.

Work With Animals in These 5 Incredible Careers.


When you think of working with animals, veterinarian is probably one of the first careers that comes to mind. This is the perfect job for anyone who has an affinity for animals, but also has an interest in the medical field. Vets may run clinics for pets, treat zoo animals or farm animals, or even work in laboratories doing research.

Veterinarians must finish a Doctorate degree to become certified, and this can take time. But the rewards are big: helping to save lives while earning up to $90,000 a year.

Pet Groomer

Do you fancy yourself as a pet groomer, helping animals look their best by trimming nails, giving baths, and brushing fur? You may be drawn to this career if you’re a dog and cat lover, as you’ll be working with these critters every day.

While you don’t need a formal degree to get into grooming, you will probably need to take an apprenticeship program. These programs only take about two months, but pet groomers only make an average salary of about $23,000. You won’t get rich, but it’s a fast start, and you’ll have the privilege of spending time with people’s pets each day.

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians help veterinarians diagnose and treat animal patients. In this career, you’ll be spending as much time as the vet with ill or injured animals. You’ll  give medications, prepare animals for surgeries, do tests, and provide emergency care when necessary.

If you decide to earn an Associate’s degree and follow this career path, you’ll earn a median salary of around $33,000. Several US schools offer online degrees for aspiring vet techs.

Animal Trainer

Animals trainers teach dogs, horses, or other animals to follow human commands. They may train horses for performance, pets for obedience, or dogs for service work. You don’t need a degree to pursue animal training unless you decide to work at a zoo — in which case, you may be required to have more formal training. The average yearly wage for animal trainers sits at almost $35,000.

Wildlife Biologist

If you’re passionate about how animals live within their environments, wildlife biology is the career path for you. Zoologists and wildlife biologists study interactions between humans and animals as well as the effect people have on wildlife. They also play an important role in protecting endangered species.

You’ll need at least a Bachelor’s degree to enter this path, but higher-level positions may require a graduate degree. Some of the highest paid wildlife biologists make almost $100,000 a year.

Can’t imagine a day without animals by your side? Consider any of these five careers as a long-term option and reap the benefits of interacting with and helping take care of them, every single day. Whether you’re just a puppy and kitty type of person or you’re a lover of wildlife, there’s a job that can fulfill your desires. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to go to university to get started. You can start studying for an animal sciences or care career right now from home.