7 Lucrative Careers in STEM for Women

7 Lucrative Careers in STEM for Women
7 Lucrative Careers in STEM for Women

Technological evolution, including computers, AI, and machine learning, now play a bigger role in business than ever before. That’s why so many startups and businesses are seeking talented men and women to work in STEM. However, in 2015, women made up only 24 percent of workers involved in STEM jobs. There has been a movement in the STEM industry to recruit more women for jobs in tech and the sciences. If you’re interested in finding the STEM career of your dreams, here are some well-paying and rewarding options.

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STEM — defined as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the job market. Unfortunately, STEM continues to be relatively male-dominated, but many organizations are striving to push for equality by hiring more women in careers like Financial Analysis, Computer Support, Industrial Psychology, Information Security, and Mechanical Engineering. Explore these incredible careers in this short list.

It’s Your Time, Ladies — Find Out What STEM Career is Right for You.

Financial Analyst

Love working with numbers? Financial analysts work for banks, businesses, and venture capitalists, helping them to identify patterns and predict success. With a median salary of $84,300 and a growth rate of 11 percent, you have high chances of success when you graduate.

Computer Support Specialist

Feeling altruistic, but love computers? You can combine both personality traits with a career as a computer support specialist. These talented STEM careers place you in position to aid businesses, consumers, and corporations with computer-oriented problems, either through remote or hands-on support. Salaries start at around $50,000, with more than 80,000 new jobs expected to be created this year alone.

Industrial Psychologist

Industry… and psychology? Yes, you read that right. Industrial psychologists study and influence the psychology of the workplace, something more corporations are focusing on as the corporate world grows. You’ll help corporations improve for employees, influence marketing campaigns, and solve complex psychology-driven problems, like how to motivate people to work. With a 19 percent job growth rate and salary starting at $75,000, this is a highly secure field.

Information Security Analyst

Just a few short months ago, Amazon’s Alexa accidentally recorded someone’s voice as they talked in the background and sent it to a random email contact. Around the same time, Equifax was hacked. As technology advances to hold more high-risk information, Information security analysts are needed to prevent events like these. These cybersecurity specialists work for businesses, protecting sensitive information, and make an average salary starting near $80,000.

Mechanical Engineer

If your favorite activities include playing with the latest tech toys or exploring machines, Mechanical Engineering might be your next best career move. Women who work as Mechanical Engineers invent, design, build, customize, and analyze complex machinery, improving it and resolving problems for businesses and clients. You can expect to make around $85,000 to start, but there’s plenty of room for growth with experience. Inventors who create machines that solve problems can make millions off licensing and sales.

Environmental Engineer

Love the great outdoors, but don’t necessarily want a career in conservation? Get technical and take a job as an Environmental Engineer instead. This sector of engineering applies engineering theories to the science of the environment, including recycling, environmental protections, waste disposal, cleaning water, and reducing pollution. An average salary of around $80,000 reflects how important this field is, especially in core US cities and resource-gathering areas, where the environment plays a critical role in health, wellness, and industry resource availability.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to work for a bank to flex your math skills. In fact, mathematicians specialize in using math to solve problems for nearly every sector in America, including business, sales, scientific research, education, and finance. They work in climate study, entertainment, film, intelligence, national security, and government. The mathematician maps out patterns, identifies problems, and creates solutions using complex equations that improve our world. Moreover, they enjoy an excellent salary — nearly $85,000 just to start.

Love the idea of being a forward-thinking woman who takes control of her own future? You can start studying for one of these and many other STEM careers with an online degree. Choose to work with numbers, technology, AI, machine learning, engineering and more and become a part of our evolving society.