Night Owls Rejoice: These Jobs Only Start After Dark

Night Owls Rejoice: These Jobs Only Start After Dark

Night owls may have it rough in a job market that demands you get up early and report to the office by 9 or in many cases now, even 8 a.m.. But if you’re committed to the darkness, there’s a good job waiting for you. You may have to apply in the light, but once landed, you can stay up all night and sleep the sun away. Find out which of these third-shift jobs suits you best.


Firefighters are an essential part of any community, even if they may be a little under-appreciated. It’s a heroic endeavor to make yourself available to protect others at a moment’s notice — especially at night. Firefighters can be busy, with some units responding to thousands of emergencies each year, and even better, you might also see a decent amount of downtime between calls. Request the night shifts and make your coworkers happy. Firefighters make an average of $48,270 per year.

Air Traffic Controller

Do you enjoy controlling the flow of logistics? If so, consider directing airplane traffic overnight (and taking the night shift can make you friends, fast when others want to take the day shift). It’s a great career choice for anyone without a college degree; though you do need some training at the Federal Aviation Administration Academy. Air traffic controllers receive an excellent salary at an average of $121,280 annually, which makes this career choice one of the most lucrative for nightwalkers.

Disk Jockey

Do you live by the pulse of the night club? There are few experiences similar to knowing the crowd is dancing to your beat. If you have a passion for after-hours city life and night-time gigs, grab your turntables and start looking for some events to entertain. The average DJ pulls in $39 an hour, while some of the most famous make $400k per show!

Security Guard

Certain buildings and people need protection. That’s where you come in. Daytime guards usually have a lot more on their minds compared to night shift security. The sheer amount of people awake during the day causes a ton of chaos — which night-shift guards get to skip. It’s much quieter on the night shift, which helps people who prefer the peace time to focus on their duties. The typical salary is a low little low at $27,550 annually, but the best-paid guards make nearly double that.

Limo Driver

This job is the most out of place on this list at a mere $11 per hour, but it’s absolutely worth mentioning for one reason: networking. Networking is the real job market of the future. Knowing more people means more opportunities for bigger and better things.

Think about the types of people who rent limos — it’s safe to assume many of them are wealthy. Sure, you may have to entertain the occasional prom and “sweet 16” birthday party. But if you treat your clients well, make small talk and show your interest in what they’re doing, then you may stumble into something that pays much better and is more fulfilling.

The jobs above are only a slice of what’s waiting for you in the night. You can make a good living, if not a better one than day-dwellers as a night owl. And in many cases, just asking to take the night shift can make your coworkers love you. Be creative and find your niche after dark.